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4 Easy Ways to Share Great Video Content in 2022

Video is a fantastic and great way to communicate with your customers and promote your business and services. People all over the world like watching videos more than reading texts. Here are some statistics that can help you understand the importance of video content;

  • Over 500 million followers watch Facebook videos every day
  • Video content is the part of marketing strategies over 81% of businesses
  • Over 66% of people choose video content for learning something new or learning about some products, companies, and services.

Video content has a lot of advantages that can help you generate your business basics and strategies. In this article, you can find four easy ways to share great video content in 2022.

Social Media Platforms

You can find the right audience for sharing any content on social media platforms, especially video content. Social media videos are always shared and give businesses more sales and recognition. So, what social media platforms are most helpful for creating video content? 

Certainly, leaders are Instagram and TikTok. These two platforms can help you make short and helpful videos about your company, brand, and products. For this, you need to know different features of these platforms, such as how to create Instagram carousels or how to do challenging short videos on TikTok.


An essential part of your business should be focused on informing and educating your customers about your brand vision, services, or products. Webinars are a significant part of video marketing that can help you do this whole. Online webinars also can help you present your new product or feature functionality. To create online webinars, you must have a segmented audience. For targeting the right audiences, you can use your email marketing base or CRM to inform your followers about webinars if you already have this. Remember that it is most important to target the right audience.

Youtube Channel 

And finally, the video marketing leader; yeah, it is undoubtedly Youtube. This platform is a king for sharing exciting videos and promoting your brand. When you create videos for Youtube, pay attention to your intro, keep titles short, include Call To Action, and, most important, allow your audience to participate. 

These fundamental elements can help you grow your business recognition and more and more inform your customers about your business. If these regularly be a part of your marketing strategy, you can quickly get success in your business and grow your customer base.


Now you know helpful and great ways to make and share video content and promote your business or brand with it. It is time to start to use this accessible and flexible marketing tool in your business. You can start with little steps. But, remember that video is not just a flexible and accessible tool. The essential advantage is that video marketing is available anywhere and anytime, and video content is always shared on different social media platforms. Besides this, all video marketing is inexpensive too stylishster

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