7 Things You Need to Know About Metal Prints

When looking for an art print, metal is an excellent option. The quality of metal prints is excellent, and you can even get them made to look like real metal! However, there are many things to be aware of before investing in a metal print. Choosing the best metal print company might be difficult.  The following are just a few of the most important tips to help you get started:

What are Metal Prints?

When you want your photos to be as modern as possible, consider investing in metal prints. These prints have the same vibrant colors and sharp image quality as canvas prints but are much more affordable. They’re also water-resistant and scratch-resistant, which makes them an excellent alternative to canvas prints. Another benefit of metal prints is their durability, and they don’t need a frame. Depending on the metal that you choose, they will last decades!

Types of Metal Prints

Getting a metal print of your favorite photo is easier than ever before. With the advent of modern technology, capturing memories has become easier than ever. Photos are often shared on social media or saved in memory of your device. Now, you can enjoy these images every day with metal photo prints. Learn about the different types of metal prints and learn design hacks. You’ll be surprised at just how versatile these prints can be! We’ve listed below some of our favorite types of metal prints and tips to help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Brushed Aluminium Prints

Brushed aluminium prints are eye-catching attractions. Whether hung indoors or out, they bring a contemporary style to your home or office. The texture of brushed aluminium absorbs light and increases contrast, which gives images a surprising depth of tone. Brushed aluminium prints are particularly suitable for images that have strong contrast, such as urban shots and abstract artwork. Whether you use brushed aluminium prints to enhance your home or office, they will become a talking point among friends and family.

Epoxy Printing

You may have heard about Epoxy Printing for metal prints, but have you ever used it? You can use this coating to make your metal prints look like they were made of metal. In this tutorial, you will learn about this process and how to use it to make your metal prints last. There are a couple of things you should know before you start using it. First, you should be sure you use the proper ratio of epoxy resin. If you use too much resin, you risk it drying too quickly or leaving a “tacky” finish.

Glossy Surface

When it comes to metal prints, the glossy surface is the most popular. This glossy finish produces the most vivid and accurate colors. It also offers the deepest blacks and whites, and excellent visual contrast. High gloss metal prints are a favorite among landscape and astrophotography photographers alike. However, this finish must be exhibited under controlled lighting conditions to ensure the best results. To get a better idea of the differences between gloss and matte finishes, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type below.

High Definition Prints

If you want to display your photos in high-quality, head-turning color, then High Definition Metal Prints are the perfect choice. Unlike traditional photo prints, these metal prints are resistant to scratches, water, and fading. They are an excellent choice for home, office, or museum displays. In fact, professional photographers enjoy them as a means to showcase their work. To learn more about the benefits of metal prints, keep reading!

Metal Printing Techniques

Unlike traditional metal manufacturing, extrusion-based 3D metal printing is an inexpensive process. Metal-injection-molding materials cost significantly less than metal powders. Another technique, called material jetting, is a type of inkjet printing that deposits liquid photoreactive material on the object being modeled. This technique is most commonly used for prototyping, but an Israeli company has developed a technique that can be used for actual production.

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