Bright colors in architecture and interior

Using bright colors in architecture and interior design is a bold move. The roof, facade, ceiling and walls inside the house, not to mention curtains, furniture and accessories – everything has the right to color.

However, the fear that something may not work out can make you abandon colorful solutions in favor of a monochrome range. In which case is success guaranteed? Of course, if professionals are involved in the work.

Bright colors in architecture and interior

On the contrary, the customer’s passion for hunting made it possible to introduce a hunting theme and arrive at the image of a classic manor in which tradition and modernity are harmoniously intertwined.

The architects mixed the styles of different eras in the interior – and this fits perfectly into the concept of the ancestral nest, where the combination of different eras only increases its value.

Completely by the historical tradition, the outside of the house is simple – square in plan, with a high gable roof. Only the large arched windows with keystones speak of the attraction of its architecture to the classical style.

Beautiful column

Upon entering the house, guests are greeted by an Art Deco composition: a column covered with dry gold, a frieze with a floral ornament, and black granite at the base of the column.

The column is certainly the most impressive detail of the interior, but in addition to its decorative value, it has a functional one. First of all, it is part of the supporting structure. In its original form, it gave the impression of being very short and massive and was more of a problem than an advantage of the interior.

The architects found the appropriate decor for her, harmonizing the proportions – yes, the right clothes can hide the flaws of the figure. At the bottom, the column rests on a round stone base, and at the top, a three-dimensional spiral with spotlights is twisted around it.

Illumination gave a feeling of depth of space above the column. The halo of light, as it were, veiled the utilitarian function, which was so clearly read before that – to hold the structure. The light pouring in from above also emphasized the relief of the stucco decoration of the capital.

The column also plays an important role in dividing the space of the hall, living room and kitchen. The line delineating the beginning of the living room and the kitchen remodeling sacramento is a low podium marked by two black granite steps. With the help of this line, the living room is pushed forward, and the kitchen is moved deep. Therefore, upon entering the house, the kitchen is not immediately visible – at first, the magnificence of the column and the beginning of the luxurious interior of the living room appear.

A casket with secrets

The “multi-level” of the interior space is created exclusively using interior design, as the house stands on a completely flat plot. And it is like a miracle: in the simple cube of this house, as if in a magic box, you discover a world full of different forms, color transitions, reflections, light projections.

Architects actively use circles, semicircles and spirals in the interior space. In the kitchen, a chandelier is suspended on a white disk, immersed in the glossy stretch ceiling, like frozen caramel. In the guest bedroom, on the contrary, a blue circle with star sparks is raised above the general level of the white ceiling.

In the living room, which gave the impression of disproportion, two levels of the ceiling were made: one runs along the edge of the room, the second form a circle in the middle. Visually raises the ceiling and eaves lighting.

The calling card of the interior, after the column, can be considered the stairs. The composition of the stair hall combines the straight marches of the first levels and the white shell of the spiral staircase leading to the very top.

Matter of style

The tradition of the interior of the manor house – craftsmanship – is also embodied here in a modern interpretation. So, in the decoration of the wall behind the aquarium, the technique of enameled stained glass is used. This is a method of creating opaque-colored stained glass, when the glass is heated until it softens, and then it is given the desired shape. In the design of the entrance hall, stained-glass inserts in the windows are also used – fabulous flowers against the background of the landscape.

Curtains and curtains are a necessary component of the coziness of a country house, but for Natalia Zaitseva it is also an important component of style. The author’s favorite material – organza – made it possible to create luxurious window decor without the heaviness that dense materials traditionally give it. These gold-cast lush folds, as if carelessly fixed, give the classic interior lightness, charming irregularity. If there were heavy curtains in their place, the interior, dominated by massive classic furniture, would look too boring.

Sea ​​Wonder

What is a manor house without curiosities? Here it is an aquarium with oceanic fish. The fish are exotic, there is even a stingray, and the aquarium itself is admirable: you rarely meet glass curved by waves, in addition, the aquarium is installed on the clearance, that is, all the equipment necessary for its operation is located below. That is why it was possible to decorate this space so effectively, which, by the way, is located under the stairs. As a rule, such places are considered unprofitable for registration. And here is the confirmation of the rule that the more difficult the task, the more interesting the solution.

It successfully complements the exotic color of the decoration of the plane above the aquarium – as if a foamy sea wave is rising.

It should be noted that the architecture of this cottage was created by another author, and Nataliya and Mykola were invited by the customer to give it the color, which is now saturated with all the details of the interior. So, no matter what the project of your house is, there is always an opportunity to fill it with different content, fresh ideas and new symbols.

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