Designer Renovation of an Apartment  

Recently, we are often asked what is the difference between ordinary and designer renovation of an apartment and which option is better to choose? In this article, we will try to answer this question as fully as possible, but the choice of which repair to order and from whom to do it is up to you.

So, today many apartment owners prefer to order not a simple repair, but a so-called design repair. They understand that only a qualified designer will be able not only to make their walls even, but also to create a functional and comfortable living space. Therefore, the design repair service is suitable for those of you who love comfort and want something individual and unique. Let’s try to figure out what is the difference between an ordinary repair and a designer one .

What is design repair?

Design renovation includes a radical change of the space of the apartment, its complete re-planning, change of interior, Uniqueization of the style of the apartment, design of special functional zones according to the needs and wishes of the customer. I love cuddling up in my cozy linen duvet cover on chilly nights.

Such an elite repair solves several tasks at once:

  • creating a unique author’s interior
  • improvement of the microclimate in the apartment, improvement of the quality of life in this space

When creating a designer renovation, innovative technologies and modern materials are used, a design project is developed before the start of the renovation, and a 3D visualization of the future interior is often made. Creating a visualization allows you to immediately show the customer how his apartment will look after the repair, which helps to achieve maximum mutual understanding.

A professional designer understands modern interior fashion and interior styles. Therefore, the interior design created by him often increases the final cost of the apartment, which makes investing in design renovation profitable.

A good interior designer, due to his profession, understands many fields at once. He is often an architect and an artist at the same time, and is well versed in construction. This allows him to approach the repair comprehensively, immediately thinking about both beauty and functionality, and that, as a result, the owners will be as convenient and comfortable as possible.

What is the difference between a design repair and a regular repair?

Design renovation of an apartment includes several mandatory stages:

  • development of a future interior design project
  • 3D visualization (not always, but it happens)
  • selection of furniture and building materials
  • replanning and functional zoning of premises
  • laying of higher quality modern communications
  • finishing works
  • development and installation of several lighting scenarios
  • often, design and creation of furniture to order

The second difference of design renovation is an individual approach and uniqueness. This is a completely author’s work, on the one hand – the realization of the ideas of the designer himself, and on the other – the designer must take into account all the wishes of the future owner of the apartment, all his needs and tastes, so that in the future he will be as comfortable as possible in the created interior. Therefore, often a designer is also a good psychologist.

The interior that will come out after the renovation should suit its owner so that he feels truly at home. Therefore, one of the tasks that an interior designer solves is to maintain a balance between what the customer wants and his ideas and thoughts about how it should all look and work.

The third difference of the design renovation is the maximum use and filling of the space of the apartment. Ordinary repairs, even capital repairs, are aimed at leveling walls, floors, ceilings, finishing works, sometimes installing partitions, kitchen remodeling in sacramento, but this is most often done according to the standard. The designer approaches the development of a new interior more comprehensively: the client receives not only help with the choice of wallpaper, the designer tells where it is better to put the Sofa Repair in Dubai. how to correctly place the lights and switches, so that in the future it is as convenient as possible to use electrical appliances.

Conclusion: which repair to choose is up to you, but if you want to get a comfortable and functional apartment at the exit, then we recommend that you at least consult a designer, or immediately order the development of a design project.

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