Discover Casino Danang and things you may not know

Crown Casino Danang is one of the largest casinos and attracts the largest number of players in Vietnam today. So there is something special in Casino Da Nang that attracts so many players. Please join us to learn about the casino through the article below

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About Crown Casino Danang

Crown Casino Danang is considered one of the entertainment paradises in Vietnam. Here, players not only have the freedom to experience their favorite types of betting, but also have moments of rest and relaxation at resorts or hotels.

More specifically, the location of this casino is built near the sea, so everyone can both have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the sea. It is for these reasons that Casino Danang has attracted a large number of guests from all over the world who come here for entertainment

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Crown Casino Da Nang – The most famous Casino in Danang

Crown Casino Da Nang is considered one of the most vibrant and lavish venues today in the coastal city of Da Nang. Here, players will be lost in a colorful world with “addictive” games. “. However, a point worth noting is that Da Nang casino only allows foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to experience

Scale of Crown Casino Danang

Crown Casino Danang officially came into operation from 2009 until now, this is one of the works under the Crowne International project, so it has been invested very strongly, all the architecture here is designed and built. European-style standard building with a total area of up to 15,000 m2 and divided into 2 floors. Casino Danang is located in Silver Shores International Resort, invested by Silver Shores Hoang Dat Special International Tourism and Entertainment Joint Venture Company.

At Casino Da Nang is equipped with the most modern and advanced card system with 122 slot machines and 22 dealing tables. In addition, there are automatic slot machines for players. Players can freely choose the form of play as well as the game they love

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Games at Crown Casino Danang

At Crown Casino Da Nang, there are many game genres so that players can freely choose to play according to their preferences. Some of the games that attract the most players are Bavet, Poipet, Baccarat, Poker, going to the South …

In addition to being able to bet at Casino Da Nang, players are also served a full range of relaxation and resort options along with a system of luxurious restaurants. Delicious food and drinks are also a strong point of the Casino, serving a variety of dishes from all over the country and region to the attractive taste in cuisine to attract visitors. When coming here, visitors not only rest, have fun, eat and drink but can also shop with a variety of items on sale.

Some regulations at Crown Casino Danang

All players who want to participate in playing at Crown Casino Danang must comply with the regulations set forth by the casino

  • Only people over 21 years old who are foreigners, or overseas Vietnamese with passports are allowed to play at Crown Casino Danang
  • Players are not allowed to bring cameras, camcorders, bags and other cheating devices into Crown Casino Danang
  • Those who play at Crown Casino Danang must have an income of over 10 million and pay taxes according to the guidance of the Ministry of Finance
  • Not being asked by family or relatives to ban playing at any casino.
  • To play at Crown Casino Danang, players must buy tickets to play by the hour or by the month
  • Players must use cash to exchange for chips or slots. If you have leftovers, you can still exchange them for cash

Check out some other casinos in Da Nang

In addition to Crown Casino Da Nang, in the coastal city of Da Nang, there are 2 other casinos that are also fully equipped with modern and comfortable equipment like other casinos. The two casinos that we want to mention are: Club One Opera Danang and Furama Casino Danang

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The above information will hopefully help you have a better overview of the form of gambling at Da Nang casinos. In addition, at our Jun88, there are other interesting articles about card games to exchange rewards, readers should not ignore.

Above is information about Crown Casino Danang, one of the most luxurious and magnificent casinos in Vietnam. Hopefully with the information we have shared, you have somewhat understood about this casino. To be able to receive more useful information, do not forget to visit our website

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