Ecological Apartments: How To Make A Modern Eco-Style

Eco-style can be safely called one of the main trends in the interior. More and more people are choosing a healthy lifestyle – proper nutrition, sports, environmentally friendly housing.

We live in the age of information technologies, gadgets and skyscrapers. The large flow of information that we pass through ourselves during the day is tiring, and therefore, when we return home, we all want to rest from all this commotion and relax.

This is precisely the main purpose of modern eco-style in the interior , which implies a design without unnecessary details, in which only natural or absolutely safe finishing materials are used.

We will talk about what eco-style is and how to make a modern eco-design of an apartment in this article.

Free up space as much as possible

As we already wrote above, modern eco-style is an interior where there is nothing superfluous. Therefore, first of all, think carefully about planning. Minimize free-standing furniture, hide everything in hidden storage systems as much as possible. It is important that built-in furniture in the interior is perceived as walls. This method visually adds space and air to the interior design.

Natural finishing materials

The floor plays one of the main roles in the design of an apartment in an eco-style . It is very important that its material is natural. Therefore, you should not save on the floor covering, as the general appearance of the interior will greatly depend on it. If you want to get an eco-design of the apartment , which looks expensive, it is better to try to save on finishing the walls and just paint them in a light color.

The ecological floor in the apartment can be represented by a solid or engineered board. You can also lay a picturesque plank floor with knots on the floor. Immediately say “No” to any imitation wood, it will greatly affect the overall impression of the interior. Therefore, it should not be done.

In rooms where there will be tiles, you can lay slate or marble with a clearly defined texture on the floor.

Neutral light range

Most often, light colors are used in eco-interiors. It does not overload the space and makes the interior visually light without straining your eyes. Most often, these are neutral shades of beige-brown and sand.

Natural fabrics

Textiles used in eco-interior are usually made of natural fabrics or, alternatively, semi-natural ecological fabrics. The color range is neutral and plain, with almost no patterns. This is due to dyeing with natural pigments, which often do not have bright colors.

Avoid fabrics dyed with dyes of unnatural origin, then you will have to breathe it all.

Furniture and decorative elements

Any objects of natural origin are suitable as accents for an eco-interior . For example, a table made of a solid slab, a stump as a sideboard or a stool, a table  with a tabletop made of natural marble, etc. As decor – tree bark, dry branches, a wall of living plants.

In the eco-style , the pronounced texture of the tree is important. For example, uneven edges and knots will only emphasize the eco-interior and will be an indicator of the natural origin of the materials. If you are looking for where to buy furniture made of exotic wood species, we can help you with this.

Environmental friendliness of furniture and finishing materials

To ensure the environmental friendliness of materials used in furniture, decoration and iron works sacramento, you can request quality certificates from their manufacturers. Such a fact as the refusal to provide them should alarm you.

We hope this article was useful for you. Be healthy and live in ecologically clean housing. Being closer to nature means being happy and harmonious in life.

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