Edp445 | Everything You Need to Know about Bryant and His Content

Bryant made his channel on June 13, 2010, and transferred his first video that very day, which highlighted him playing out a free-form rap. He was 19 years of age at that point. He didn’t transfer any Eagles-related recordings until November 16 that same year, with “59-28. Birds fuckin kills the redskins”. From that point forward, the Philadelphia Eagles have been the essential subject of his channel, however around this time, he kept on delivering recordings of various substances (like cooking recordings, blusters, Q&As, web difficulties, and video blogs).

Bryant is principally known for his recordings about the Philadelphia Eagles. He additionally facilitated a series called Don’t You Hate That Shit. In 2012, a side project channel, CHAOTICKITCHEN445, appeared. The track was devoted to cooking. Another side project channel, EDPGAMING1, continued in 2013. In 2017, a reinforcement channel, tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio, was made.


His contents are:

Game recaps/responses

The most well-known and ordinary of Bryant’s recordings were his recordings about the Philadelphia Eagles. He made sneak peeked for games and delivered a response/recap of the game subsequently (or now and then, during the game). Also, he made recordings in improvements of the group during the offseason (exchanges, NFL draft, and so on). He likewise incidentally made such recordings for the San Antonio Spurs.

Food surveys

Bryant investigated a food or beverages thing. Because of Bryant starting a better eating routine in 2016, he hasn’t made any more food audits (with the exception of a video where he attempts his first protein shake).

Response recordings

Other than responses to Eagles games, Bryant would make response recordings to content proposed by his endorsers in the remarks segment (which was, for the most part, realistic pornography recordings) until 2014.

Unpacking recordings

Since the channel’s origin, Bryant had made unpacking recordings, going from offloading Eagles products to shoes and kitchen machines. Starting around 2016, many unpacking recordings highlighted Bryant opening bundles shipped off his home by fans. Get learn more information liangzhongmiye Read more about Mywikinews

Don’t You Hate That Shit

Don’t You Hate That Shit was series highlighting Bryant discussing the things that irritated him throughout everyday life? Thirty-five scenes have been made starting around 2012.


Bryant, on different events, was seen broiling an individual African American by the nom de plume of “Maurice Jones,” dissing him for his low pay.


All his channels are:


Because of a developing interest in “eatdatpussy445 style cooking” among fans, a side project channel devoted to cooking debuted in 2012.


Another side project channel, this time zeroing in on gaming, debuted in 2013. The track has stayed idle beginning around 2014, however in a Q&A video in 2015, Bryant expressed he would ultimately deliver another Let’s Play. In spite of this, he still can’t seem to have one more video on this channel or any further Let’s Plays overall.

Slow down Seat

Since Edp likewise preferred wrestling, he made a channel to put his wrestling recordings. On this channel, he would transfer content like his primary channel, with the main contrast being everything wrestling-related. This is by a wide margin eps least well-known channel, just having around 1,250 supporters. This channel has stayed latent starting around 2014 and isn’t connected on eps principle channel. The channel’s latency is probable because of EDP not watching wrestling any longer.

Reinforcement channels

In 2017, Bryant made a channel called “tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio” as a reinforcement on account of his recordings being hailed and erased or his channel being ended. He started posting on it not long after his channel started to be celebrated, and every one of his recordings was briefly eliminated by YouTube. In any case, inside about fourteen days, he recovered his channel, and the tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio channel has since been erased. The majority of the substance that was on that channel is apparently lost.

On October 17, 2018, Bryant’s channel was ended once more, so he made another reinforcement channel, EDP445 2.0. Even after his channel was reestablished, he sporadically transferred arbitrary recordings to the record.

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