Hey Espresso Lovers, Try One of These Beans to Have the Exemplary Aroma of Espresso

Heavy and robust aroma escaping into the air displacing all other smells present transporting you into happy times. The dark brown richness of coffee beans coupled with its aroma is therapeutic to many, and for someone, the morning remains empty without it. For you coffee lovers out there, you know what I am about to describe. So here are the five must-try coffee brands for espresso lovers:


Lifeboost Pacamara

This brand uses one of the giant coffee beans in the world. Furthermore, the farmers are individually hand-selected to make sure they pick the giant beans from the yield. The intense flavor of the beans serves justice to the premium quality beans that they grow themselves in the high lush mountains in Nicaragua. It is produced sustainably and is both pesticide and mycotoxin-free.  Although it is on the costlier end, this organic ultra-luxury artisan coffee company is a must-have for coffee lovers.


Volcanica Tanzania Peaberry

The coffee bean is known as a peaberry, and the brand volcanic is known to be the best harvester of this specific bean. This coffee bean has other names like caracol (Spanish for snail). The Arabica and robusta coffee types have the peaberry coffee bean where there is only one bean present instead of two in a pod. This peaberry coffee type has more of a depth of taste. This coffee is rare and can only be found in 5% of the total crop harvest; hence coffee lovers sought it with a passion.


Koffee Kult Dark Roast

Koffee Kult Dark Roast is a pure Arabica low acidity blend coming from Guatemala, Colombia, and Sumatra. It has a bold flavor roast with notes of cinnamon and dark chocolate. This close runner-up is expensive; hence if you’re not used to dark roast flavors, this might be too bitter for your liking. However, if you’re a French roast lover, you may find this coffee to be standard. But as all coffee lovers agree, the taste is subjective.


Kona Gold Whole Bean

Last but not least, we have Kona, who is very eco-conscious and uses swiss water for the process. It has received praises from the likes of Mark Twain way back in 1866. This blend has sweet notes with a slightly fruity taste, complete with a caramel-brown sugar taste. However, if you’re not a fan of a darker profile of smoky flavor, then maybe it might not be worth your money. It needs an eclectic taste; hence many coffee geeks tend to choose this.


Death Wish Coffee Whole Bean Coffee

Death Wish is a small coffee brand their headquarters located in upstate New York. This coffee is not for everyone has its intensity might be a bit too much for everyone. This coffee is also a mixture of Arabica and robust coffee beans, and the coffee is made in small batches. Hence the quality of the coffee is maintained.


You know what they say there is nothing a perfect cup of coffee can’t solve. From jet lag to an early morning exam, you need your mind to be alert, for coffee is the savior, so why not invest in some good quality coffee. Next time you go coffee shopping or arrange coffee-tasting parties with your friends, be sure to try these brands.




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