How to Perform Well in the Kerala Board Exams?

Board exams are a crucial stage in the life of students to build their careers. Students who score remarkably well in these exams can choose their field of study. By performing well in Mathematics and Science subjects, students can obtain admission in top ranking universities of the country in Medical, Engineering and other related fields. It also helps them how to approach a particular concept without any hesitation.

Study materials and reference guides are vital in preparing for the board exams. Students should refer to the textbooks prescribed by the board, as most of the questions are entirely based on the concepts explained. Various reference guides are available online, and students must stick to the materials according to the latest syllabus and guidelines. Kerala Syllabus 9th Standard is given for all the subjects so students can get a clear idea of the concepts which are of priority.

Kerala Board Exam Preparation Tips

1. Understand the Syllabus

The board releases the syllabus for each academic year. Students should go through it and understand it sufficiently to understand the critical topics. It will also help the students to plan accordingly and spend equal time on each subject. Students should refer to the syllabus to increase their speed in quickly covering the topics.

2. Prepare a Timetable

The first step to preparing for the board exams is to create a timetable. The schedule should include sufficient breaks so students feel relaxed during the learning process. Students should give each subject equal importance as it helps in overall performance scores.

3. Prepare Notes

The second step in the board exam preparation is to prepare notes. Students are highly recommended to write down the essential formulas, theorems and methods in their language. These notes should be memorised so that students remember even a single step in their exams.

4. Revise

The third important step in board exams is revision. It is very crucial in helping students memorise and recall concepts easily. If a student learns the important topics once and leaves them, there are chances of forgetting them. Students must revise the concepts regularly to perform better in the board exams.

5. Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers

Lots of practice is necessary to ace well in the exams. According to the saying, “practice makes a man perfect”, students who practise more will be perfect in understanding the topics. Keeping this in mind, students should solve the question papers of previous years after completing the textbook questions. It will help students finish the exam within the stipulated time and score remarkable marks.

6. Self-analyse Concepts of Weakness

If students understand their strengths and weaknesses, scoring well will be a simple job. Students should understand the syllabus and get a clear picture of the concepts in which they are weak. It will help them to focus on the topics based on priority and marks weightage.

Understanding the basics is very important, whether it be board exams or competitive exams. It will be an easy task if a student has a good grasp on the fundamentals facing the exams. Unseen Passages can be referred to for a better understanding of English-related concepts. It will mainly increase the student’s ability to think out of the box and answer complex questions effortlessly.

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