How to plan a gender reveal party in 5 easy steps


Organizing a gender reveal party is one of the significant events that parents-to-be and their friends consider. It is a fun event that focuses on the anticipation of a new family member while at the same time announcing the baby’s gender uniquely. The following are step-by-step guidelines on how to plan a simple but colorful and entertaining gender reveal party

  1. Designing and sending invitations 

Following the venue and budget identification for your event, the next thing is to design and issue invitations to people. It may sound obvious, but invitations are your guests’ first impression of your party, so get creative. 

They could also use the existing templates on PosterMyWall for party flyer templates to design the invitations to be attractive and unique. These templates are easy to navigate and have many choices regarding the design theme of the wedding invite. Whether you want to send electronic invitations or conventional printed ones, PosterMyWall will significantly assist you. 

The details that should not be missing include the date, time, venue, information where guests can give their response, and other vital instructions. It is recommended to send out invitations four to six weeks before the event so that the guests are given enough time to schedule. 

If you are trying the going digital approach, note that you can create a Facebook event or an e-vite for everyone so that there is a good way of keeping track of who has said yes, no, or maybe to your party.  

  1. Selection of proper site and determination of appropriate funding

In any event planning process, choosing an appropriate site for the event and setting up a certain financial limit is mandatory. The venue selection is essential because it will dictate the general atmosphere of the celebration. 

Indeed, having the party at home can be quite a good idea, especially because it will be conducive and economical. You will have all the guaranteed conditions familiar to you, forming full control over the situation. 

If your premises are restrictive, the outdoor settings may include parks, gardens, and the beach, among others. These settings can be rather splendid and will fit the theme of a gender reveal because they are associated with nature. 

As long as you plan for a corresponding B plan on a rainy day, it’s advisable to go out there and enjoy the weather as you click those memorable pictures. Or you may decide to have the ceremony in a rented hall, like a hall for community activities or a restaurant with a separate dining room for hire. 

These places are suitable and provide spacious services; however, they are a bit costly, so consider the price. ? A definite budget means you can decide where to spend and how much so that you do not spend too much.

  1. Choosing a theme

An excellent theme for the celebration may enhance your gender reveal party and make it more memorable. They purposely help by giving your decorations, invitations, and even the reveal a set and matching theme. 

Some of my favorite ideas are Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and He or She? What Will It Be? Once you have picked your theme, try bringing it to the invitations, decorations, games, cake, and everything you may use during the party. 

For instance, if the chosen theme was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, decorations could be star and moon-shaped, probably a golden and silver color tone, and if possible, even the cake could be star-shaped. The theme can also direct your activities and games, giving your guests the best time of their lives during the party. 

Remember that you must also select the topic that best suits you and your tastes. This event focuses on you and your new and even larger family.

  1. Looking for a unique way to announce the gender of the baby 

The climax of any gender reveal party is the part where people find out the gender of the baby. Ideas on how this can be done are endless, but come up with what will most appeal to your personality and your guests. 

Some of the widely used ideas are colored filling to cut a cake, balloons, confetti poppers, or even colored smoke bombs. Try a more activist-type appeal for something even more out of the ordinary. 

You could have a piñata filled with pink or blue candies or arrange a scavenger hunt with the last item leading to the gender. One of the concepts used in applying a cultural or personal factor to the eruption of the surprised horn. 

For instance, if a couple is into a particular type of game, such as sports or music, find a way to incorporate it into the reveal. Regardless of the form you are using, it is essential to ensure that what you are doing is safe for everyone and fun at the same time. 

  1. Finalizing food and drinks 

As one would expect, there must be delicious eats and refreshing beverages for a party to be perfect. Your menu should be relevant to the time of the day, the number of guests, or any restrictions regarding the eating abilities of the guests. 

When planning a brunch event, usually when the party is scheduled in the morning until early afternoon, the perfect food menu will be pastries, fruits, and champagne mixed with orange juice or what is commonly referred to as Mimosas. During dinner time, it is preferred to set a buffet, from appetizers and salads to the main dishes. 

When choosing the items you want to take and display, do not forget to add the cupcakes or cookies that have color resembling the set theme. Drinks are equally important. Ensure to provide a variety of drinks from non-alcoholic kinds of beverages for those pregnant or those who will decline to take alcoholic content drinks. 

Another great idea is to design some kind of reporter mocktails or cocktails referring to your theme. It is essential to have a well-strategized menu that will make sure all your guests are well-fed; happy guests make the party much more successful. 


Deciding to name a party as a gender reveal party does not have to be an arduous task. By following these five simple steps, therefore, one is placed a better chance of planning and hosting a memorable and joyous event: selecting the venue and the amount of money to spend, designing and dispatching invitations, selecting the theme of the party, deciding on the most creative way to inform guests of the baby’s gender, and, last but not least, the selection of appropriate food and drinks. Happy planning!

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