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How To Promote Instagram Stories

The immense exposure provided to any user by Instagram is unmatched. Instagram is currently the top social media app to promote all your product, services and talent. Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing app to the biggest social media platform for businesses. You can expand your local and global business through Instagram easily. Instagram supports all sorts of businesses and hence has launched an Instagram business account. This account allowed you to promote all your posts as ads and leverage more visibility as well. To help businesses and accounts further, Instagram has now devised a way to promote your products and services through the highly used feature Instagram stories.

Promote Instagram stories:

You can easily promote any Instagram story and convert it into an advertisement. Instagram story ads are live stories that are converted into ads and are placed between other stories so that whenever someone views their profile stories they even encounter your ad amidst them. Instagram ads stay aboard even post 24 hours when your original story disappears.

How to promote an Instagram story?

To promote an Instagram story you can either use your live story or highlights. Experts from StoriesIG have mentioned steps to promote your Instagram story and convert it into an advertisement.

Step 1: To promote your Instagram story, slide right on the screen or open the Instagram story camera from your profile.

Step 2: Now design a complete ad in the camera or upload a pre-designed ad from your gallery onto a story. now post this ad as a normal story. you can even use a story that was masking a number of views.

Step 3: Now open your live story and navigate to the three dots on the lower right corner of the screen. An options list is revealed, from the list select ‘promote’ option.

Step 4: A form is displayed to you, now simply fill out the details for your ad, like duration, caption, target audience, type etc and tap done.

Step 5: When you are sure about your ad and ready to post it, tap the ‘create ad’ button. The Instagram story will now be converted into an ad and will be displayed to everyone irrespective of the fact that they follow you or not.

Features of Instagram story ads:

  1. Right placement on a targeted profile to help you leverage more potential customers and engagement.
  2. Story is visible even post 24 hours until the time that you will personally set.
  3. Better way to find more traffic and sales.
  4. You can draft and design your own story and easily convert it into an advertisement.
  5. 5-15 seconds length to display your ad.

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