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How To Promote Products In Instagram Stories

Want to promote your products and services using Instagram stories? Everyone is familiar with the great response that stories fetch in terms of views. This is the best place to promote all your products and services. For this you need to make your stories more actionable and user-friendly. If Instagram stories are used in the correct manner they tend to help you increase your audience number and sales. Here are certain tips to help you create a buzz for your products using Instagram stories.

  • Make full use of your story highlights:

Whenever someone reaches your profile your story highlights can help narrate the whole story of your products and business for the user to connect to you. Place your story highlights strategically. Make sure your initial story is about your business and what you do. The next few stories can have your top products and services with great offers. Post this, place testimonials as a proof of authenticity. Now you can add in the location of your business and of the users you have delivered to. If you want to download and save highlights then you can use Smihub for this purpose.

  • Use polls and countdowns to create a sense of excitement and energy:

In order to help your audience connect to your business and get a sense of involvement, putting polls and questions helps. This way you can collect their views and know their preferences. Polls and questions help your audience get involved and feel connect. This helps develop relation with the audience you are about to cater. Ask questions and opinions of your audience to know what they like and solve their issues. Ask them to review your product which you can use as a testimonial to proof authenticity. You can even add countdown before a new offer to create excitement and urgency.

  • Host give away:

This is something that definitely grabs attention. Add giveaways and contests for your audience to participate and win exciting prizes. Ask your audience to participate in the give away by following you and sharing your products or displaying your products on their profile. This helps you get their audience as well. You can even put up their content of you on your page to make your audience being valued. Provide them exciting offers in exchange of following you and participating in the campaign. More information click here: mypetnews

  • Go live:

Instagram stories have a feature to help you go live. By going live you can easily communicate with a huge audience at once in real time. This helps them know more about you and understand your business better. This also creates space for one on one talk and helps you resolve their issues and doubts. Fill them in with the benefits of your products and services and promote your upcoming products and events. Click here: cbdgummies

  • Product demonstration and guides:

For a user to buy your product he/she should relate to the product and find it useful. in order to help your audience confer the use of your product. Provide a guide and demonstrate the functioning of your product through a tutorial video on your story. This marketing strategy helps users know more about your products. For more information visit this site:  topnewsplus

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