Pick-Ups That A Woman Likes and Desires to See in Men’s Personality

As soon as we hear the word “charm” when it comes to a man, we often associate it with a cute smile, a six-pack figure, beautiful eyes, etc. However, do these “charming features” really attract a girl? Most girls would disagree. It is high time we break some of the myths the Internet has created for us and focus on what girls find attractive in men.



To start, I doubt any girl would disagree with me on this: Honesty. Yes, we all know how vital a role honesty plays in any relationship between a man and a woman, but how many men would you come across who are genuinely honest with their women. With honesty being rarer in the modern era, it remains one of the most charming features a woman finds in a man.


Helping her deal with stress

Another trait that is highly underrated but works wonders is dealing with stressful situations with ease and remaining calm. Often, in stressful situations, women love it when a man can keep her quiet and handle the situation well. Hearing her out, keeping your composure under pressure, and helping her deal with stress would be a fascinating thing for most women.

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Taking her advice

Often, men tend to not think about their significant other’s advice while making decisions, and this is the farthest thing from charming.  Taking their advice, making them feel important is something all women revere and remains a precious asset to get to a woman’s heart.


Take out time for her.

A big problem in many relationships is that men do not take out enough time for their women. It could be prioritizing your work, friends, relatives, etc., over her, which no woman would prefer. Balancing your relationship with her, your work life, and other relationships are highly admirable features women find in men. Taking time to go to the movies, going to long drives, or going to a candle-light dinner on weekends are some excellent ways of making her feel special and showing that you prioritize her emotions.


Be grateful for her

Women love expressing themselves to people they love being around. It is not something that a man should only embrace but should also be grateful to her if he sees that she is herself, expressing herself comfortably and freely to him. And, this is not spoken much about, but it remains a trait that women appreciate. And indeed, they find charming in their men.


With that being said, it is imperative to understand every woman is different in her ways and has her unique preferences. Indeed, as you get to know her better, her likes and dislikes and what she finds most attractive would be more apparent to you. It is necessary to get to know the woman you like, or you are with, and what her preferences are, and what she finds charming.



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