Star Cineplex, The First Magical Theater Which is still Unbeatable By Features and Fame

Most of us cherish enjoying movies throughout our recreational time and especially watching movies at the theatre. At the theatre, you can enjoy the movie and enjoy the whole aura made in the movie theatre to appreciate the movie completely. There are lots of movie theatres in Bangladesh, but one of the most famous is Star Cineplex. Star Cineplex is the first megaplex cinema hall in Bangladesh under the trademark name of Show Motion. It launched in the new megaplex movie cinema initiative in the province and as a multiplex movie arena in October 2004 at Bashundhara City Mall, Dhaka. Bashundhara is one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangladesh.

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Star Cineplex is the first multinational criterion megaplex convoy in Bangladesh. It will proceed with presenting films at the Bashundhara city mall as the shopping mall parliaments have paced heretofore from their conclusion as mentioned earlier of deporting the cinema from most conceivably level 8. Mahboob Rahman Ruhel is the administrator of Star Cineplex. In 2016, star cineplex opened its first cinema hall in Cox’s Bazar. STAR Cineplex has six completely high-definition theatre monitors with 3D prediction automation, Silver displays, high-quality sound, and theatre seats. The full capability of almost more than a thousand perches and the hall has a huge aisle with full capitulation subsisting hosting various snacks and many more sections.


Their main branch is located in Bashundhara City complex, Dhaka. They also launched some other branches. In 2019, they emptied their 2nd movie theatre at Shimanto Sambhar, which is also located in Dhaka. It is a recently assembled shopping mall. In the same year, in October 2019, they opened another branch in Mohakhali DOHS. Their 3rd movie theatre is located in SKS Tower, Mohakhali.


Star Cineplex is planned to restart all its sectors from October, following specific manual safety regulations. Star Cineplex is scheduled to resume maintaining most of the accommodation capability at forty percent at all movie halls, with replacement places. It is invariant with its plan to guarantee the highest physical interspace in all regions.

Safety Concern

Star cineplex has requested their customers to put on masks all the time. It is a great step to secure safety. Especially throughout this pandemic.

They have also convinced spectators that all of their employees will conserve safety approaches at any cost. For tickets, they are trying to promote their customers to cut down reference by getting on without cash or money, buying tickets from their website, basically buying tickets online, and confirming no-touch agreements. As you can already tell, star cineplex is trying its best to follow the safety concerns.


Star Cineplex puts up with sufficient efforts to ensure the private information delivered through assistance from misusage, and unauthorized entrance, exposure, or devastation. You might consider keeping this mentality when you disclose any private information to the cineplex through the Internet. Once they have obtained your data, they will adopt stringent techniques and protection details to avoid unauthorized entrance.

The residents in Dhaka are precisely familiar with this theatre because this multiplex cinema theatre is really popular among them. It is known as one of the best ones so far, and also the newly released films are also broadcasted there. This theatre could be a bit crowded sometimes, but it only happens on the weekend, especially when a new film is released. This theatre is also recognized as one of the elevated characteristic cinema halls in Dhaka. For more information, you can also contact them directly.

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