Were You Affected By The Exactech Recall? Seek Guidance Here!

As per the reports, Exactech has recalled over 200,000 ankle, hip, and knee implants. The reason for the recalls, as stated by the company itself, is that around 80% of the devices manufactured since 2004 were packed in defective bags. Due to being packed in defective bags, the devices suffered a risk of oxidation over time which may result in potential risks. 

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of people who were a victim of the Exactech recall, you deserve compensation. You may be able to get compensation by showing that you bought the device from the company (using receipts) and suffered from health consequences. To know more about the Exactech lawsuit process, hire an attorney. 

Take these steps if you were affected by the Exactech recall 

  • Determine whether your device was recalled. 

Perhaps the first step to take is determining whether the device placed inside your body was recalled. If you are unsure, you can find out by visiting your physician and checking whether the component is listed in the recall devices. While you can check at home, it is best to consult your physician to be sure. 

  • Understand the potential health risks associated with the recall. 

The potential risks and injuries may differ depending on whether you had a knee, hip, or ankle replacement. If you had surgery where an Exactech device was placed inside your body, you should first realize the gravity of the situation. For example, a defective hip replacement can cause extreme pain, swelling, and even a serious infection. 

  • Gather records. 

If you are indeed affected by the recall, you must gather as much evidence as possible. This may include doctor’s notes, medical reports, your journal notes, etc. There should be evidence showing that a recalled Exactech device was used for your surgery and has affected your health. To recover damages, you must also be able to show that you suffered from loss of income through pay stubs. 

  • Hire an attorney. 

The most important step to take is hiring an attorney. Going against a big company like Exactech is not easy, and it can seem overwhelming. Many people do not file a claim and pay everything out of pocket because they are intimidated by the thought of going against a big and powerful organization. This is where an attorney can help. 

An attorney can gather the necessary evidence, create strong arguments, and have the knowledge and expertise to fight a complex case like this. 

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