What Effect Did the Great Depression Have on the American Comedy Film?

When the Great Depression hit America, moviegoers were desperate for entertainment and needed some form of escape. Many threw themselves into the characters, hoping to find meaning in a story. This was a phenomenon that Hollywood took advantage of, producing movies that would satisfy this need. By the end of the 1930s, tens of millions of people were attending movies on a weekly basis in  pklikes. The Depression impacted everything in America, from clothing and food to movies and the entertainment industry was no exception.

The Depression had a profound effect on the American comedy film in abcdxyz. It was estimated that between sixty and seventy million Americans watched films each week. Many of these comedies were satires of traditional institutions, and Marx Brothers films spoofing university systems, class structures, and patriotism were a popular genre. During this time, Paramount made five Marx Brothers films in  reality4times. Despite their lack of originality, these films proved to be huge moneymakers.

In addition, gangster movies began to become popular, and the contempt for the law meant that audiences could enjoy them freely in creativblog. Warner Brothers, meanwhile, became masters of the gangster genre and gave James Cagney and Edward G Robinson instant fame. Although gangster films were considered to be immoral at the time, some moviegoers embraced the ethos of gangster films. For example, Robinson was cast as Rico, a psycho hoodlum who shoots a priest because he was preaching against gangsters. Read more about pklikes com login

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