When Did TOTO Start in Singapore?

TOTO is one of the legal lotteries in Singapore along with 4D Singapore and Big Sweep. While 4D holds the number one spot when it comes to popularity in the city state, Toto holds the credit for being the first lottery game in Lion city.

Toto has been providing the citizens of Singapore the chance to win lucrative prizes for a very long time. In this article, we will discuss the history of Toto and its impact in the modern era in the Singapore gambling industry.


Toto or TOTO was first established in 1968 as a manual pool and became the first lottery in Singapore. The first iteration of the game was played in that same year, while the technology used in Toto improved along with the establishment of Singapore Pools which is the gambling authority in the Lion city.

From the year 1968 to 1981, this lottery was established in order to curb the wide increase of illegal gambling activities in the country during these times. During these periods, Toto lottery is the only legal gambling activity in the country.


In the year 1981, a significant change in Singapore Toto happened when the jackpot system was modified. Prior to the change, the amount of the jackpot prize for Toto was fixed despite being won several times.

People of Singapore wanted a bigger jackpot so a rollover jackpot system was established. Ever since 1981, the amount of the jackpot prize has increased over time. This modification marked the first development of the Toto lottery.

This rollover jackpot system became the first in international lotteries and other state lotteries emulated this system in their games. This change allows people to have a chance to win a certain amount of prize while it increases every draw that has no winner in 4D results.

In the original iteration of the game, the format was 5/49 and it changed in 1988 to a 6/42 format. The format of Toto was transformed again into a 6/45 in the year 1997. Finally, the format of the Toto lottery changed for the last time into its current system of 6/49 in 2014 and became the standard since 1998.

Aside from the format of the game, the jackpot prize of Toto also changed several times. In the past, the jackpot prize was $300,000, then it changed to $500,000, and then it changed again into its modern standard amount of $1 million.

Modern Era

In the 2000s, the technology being used in Singapore Pools lotteries has also improved. During this era, placing bets on the SG Pools website on the internet was introduced to accommodate the needs of the punters for a faster and more convenient lottery.

Nowadays, the jackpot prize for the Toto lottery has increased to millions and players are provided with multiple options to bet and play.

Aside from the modernization of the lottery, SG Pools also introduced special annual draws with a specific jackpot prize. These are the Millenium Draw that was introduced on December 30, 1999, the Mooncake Draw that was established on October 6, 2006, and the Hongbao Draw that was presented on February 10, 2000 which is being held every Chinese New Year.

Aside from the six digit entries, players can also include an additional number on their bet slip to boost the probability of winning.


Toto is a legal form of gambling in Singapore and considered by many as the most lucrative lottery in the country having recently produced a jackpot prize amount of a whopping $16 billion. TOTO along with 4D and Big Sweep has been a part of everyday life in Singapore with many citizens trying their luck in the lottery.

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