Where to go to teach English with a TESOL certificate?

Being an ESL teacher means you are supposed to have a constant curiosity and development. When it comes to new knowledge about teaching, most of the tutors turn to TESOL certification, as one of the most required and respected courses. Thanks to it, there is no boundary for English teachers to realize their professional potential worldwide. As TESOL stands for a combination of EFL and ESL techniques, it allows you to teach all over the world. That’s where you dreams are coming true.

As long as English is the most spoken language, the amount of teachers is also increasing. There is an incredible opportunity to get not only an international experience but also paid housing, flight reimbursement, and other lucrative benefits. On the one hand TESOL certification is a necessity to teach English effectively. On the other hand, it is a way to stand out from the crowd of other tutors.

There is a huge variety of TESOL courses, but not all of them are trustworthy. The minimum length you should consider is a 120-hour course — like tefl-tesol-certification offers; it is enough to get fundamental knowledge about teaching. Keep reading to know what steps to take to teach English overseas.

Getting TESOL certification

There are two ways on how to get a TESOL certificate: either in person or online. The first option is more expensive but interactive. As you are supposed to study in a class, there is always a community of like-minded people who are always ready to help. Moreover, studying TESOL course abroad allows you to get international experience immediately. On the other hand, online studying lets you learn information on your own pace working part-time.

As soon as you have chosen your type of studying, check course requirements. They vary from provider to provider. For instance, in order to enroll in TEFL/TESOL course in tefl-tesol-certification, you need to have only English level higher than Intermediate. On the contrary, other TESOL providers may require having a bachelor’s degree. So, it’s up to you what to choose.

However, it’s important to know the difference between TEFL and TESOL — in case you opt for only one of them. Both of them provide necessary knowledge about learning approaches, but TEFL allows you to teach in countries where English isn’t official language, whereas TESOL gives you an opportunity to work in non-native and native English-speaking places.

Also, it’s not necessary to go anywhere — especially if you want to stay home and work online — because after getting a TESOL certificate you will become more confident in online teaching as well.

8 countries where TESOL is accepted

Where to go to teach English with a TESOL certificate1

We have some good news for those who have itchy feet and thirst for adventures. There are many locations worldwide where TESOL certification is not only recognized but also favorable. But what will definitely blow you away is the fact that TESOL certification doesn’t expire. Yes, you have heard it right! It means you won’t have to prove your competence to teach in many years, and you always have a chance to travel around and get a job abroad. Once you have completed a TESOL course, you will become a qualified ESL teacher for the rest of your life. It is an undeniable advantage when it comes to choosing international trainings.

Despite that all employers and countries have different visa regulations and requirements, having such international certification as TESOL may compensate a lack of experience. Let’s check what places you may consider to work as a qualified ESL tutor.


New brand and even experienced teachers have a soft spot for China as for one of the most affordable and enticing places. Such things as historical heritage, friendly environment, and exotic cuisine is constantly attracting people to stay here for some time. As long as most of the English students in China are kids, there are always vacancies in kindergartens and public schools, especially for TESOL qualification holders.

Beijing and Shanghai are the most popular destinations for ESL teachers. Depending on your budget and preferences you may pick a location with fast-paced lifestyle and a low cost of living; it’s up to you. Furthermore, employers offer not only high salary but also other perks. So, if you are interested in saving money on housing and flight tickets, go for it.


Japan has a lot to offer. Being qualified in Business English you may find a well-paid position in an international company working with white-collar workers. Also, there are plenty of workplaces for native English speakers — if they have a TESOL certificate. As for perks, Japan is quite generous. ESL teachers may earn $2,500-4,000 a month having a bonus for a contract completion and free lessons of Japanese.

Needless to say that Japanese culture is different in comparison with Western. That is why TESOL certification comes in handy. After that you will be able to handle all tricky situations in a class and manage 40 students easily to maintain a discipline. You should be ready to dress in a formal way and work being accompanied by a Japanese native speaker assistant.

South Korea

People turn to teaching in South Korea when they want to put money by. An average salary is about $1,900 a month, but paid housing, compensation of transport fares, and flight reimbursement is just a part of what employers can offer to you in order to make you stay. As English is in great demand there, there is always a need for professionals. However, the labor market is quite competitive too; TESOL certification is your noticeable advantage in that case.

South Korea willingly hires native English speakers with TESOL qualification. In comparison with other countries, there aren’t many requirements to ESL teachers. Even a bachelor’s degree is optional. Apparently, it’s better to have it, but there are many other ways to teach in Korea even for non-degree holders.


Spain has always been welcoming to English teachers. It’s not a secret that it’s highly unlikely to make dough here. Every year such cities as Madrid and Barcelona attract intrepid travelers with their lifestyle, warm climate, and delicious cuisine. There is only one thing that makes an application a bit complicated. You must be eligible to work in the European Union. However, it’s not a problem if you are a native speaker. The good news is having a college degree isn’t a strict requirement. What is more important is to be a TESOL-certified candidate with a huge amount of positive personal traits.


Thailand is a sought after place for teachers because of many reasons. Tropical climate, exotic food, and stunning views is just a small part what people say. A low cost of living allows ESL professionals to indulge themselves with traveling around and entertainment. Also, the population is so friendly that it’s highly unlikely that you will have homesickness for long.

It’s a perfect start for newcomers in teaching as there aren’t many requirements. However, a bachelor’s degree is a necessity in order to get a work visa. Be ready to play interactive games in a class because most of the students are kids.


This Asian country is attractive by its tropical climate, exotic animals, and tasty food. There isn’t abundance of workplaces, but you won’t be unemployed either. Vietnam is quite flexible in terms of requirements to tutors. You have a chance to get a job even if you aren’t from an English-speaking country and have no college degree. An average salary isn’t high $1,200-2,200, where you will have to spend a half of it on accommodation and food. Fortunately, Vietnam is pretty affordable, so you won’t have to stretch your money till the end of a month.

Costa Rica

There is another welcoming place for rookies. You may find Costa Rica tempting if you are looking for a laid-back lifestyle, warm weather, and gorgeous environment. There is an amusing fact — that may interest avid travelers — that Costa Rica is blossoming due to tourism. So, if you want to take a part and help to develop its economy, you may volunteer there in your free time. It will give new acquaintances and international experience. Also, that would be riveting part to jazz up your typical lessons.

United Arab Emirates

Don’t be afraid of applying for a job in the UAE. Probably, it’s not the first country that comes to your mind when you consider places to work abroad, but it can blow you away. As Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most expensive places worldwide, they offer decent work conditions and lucrative benefits to those who fit the bill. We would lie if we said that it’s easy to get such a job. Apparently, there are many requirements you must fit. However, as soon as you have enough confidence and knowledge, you may give it a shot. It will live up to your expectations hands down.


Where to go to teach English with a TESOL certificate2

As you see, TESOL certification gives you a plethora of opportunities to work in both ways: online and abroad.

If you are still in quandary what certification you should get, a combination of TEFL and TESOL is a win-win situation. You will learn fundamental knowledge about making lesson plans, working with people of different ages, and monitoring students’ progress. Moreover, the certificate you will get, as soon as you complete the course, will allow you work in any country in the world. You will become qualified and experienced enough to teach Business English, General one, and ESP. There are three options in terms of course duration: 120, 150, and 250 hours. Now, it’s possible to purchase on online TEFL/TESOL course at a 50% discount. Your growth is up to you.

We hope you found this article inspiring and valuable. Let us know if you have some relevant questions, we are always glad to help.

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