Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Frequently than Others

Did you know that some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others? Your sweet blood can attract mosquitoes and make them think you are a better target than others. Aside from your blood type, your breathing, clothing, and skin germs can contribute to your susceptibility to mosquito bites. If you think mosquitoes tend to attack you frequently, you must learn how to get rid of pests like these blood-suckers. Apart from learning about what could be drawing these pests to you, you must develop strategies to prevent them from biting you. This way, you can decrease your risk of contracting the diseases that mosquitoes can transmit. The following are reasons you can be an attractive target for mosquitoes:

What You Wear

As mosquitoes look for their prey, they use their eyes. Studies show that people who wear black, green, red, and other dark colors are easy to find. Beige, white, and pastels can help in keeping you invisible to mosquitoes. 

Your Blood Type

The majority of adult mosquitoes obtain their energy from plant nectar. However, female mosquitoes need blood protein to make eggs. These insects prefer certain blood types over others. Mosquitoes can identify blood type based on the secretion that people can generate. They are more drawn to such people than to others. Generally, these pests love your smell.

The Gasses You Expel

Mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide from a distance. In addition, they can see people at a range of 15-50 feet. Such indications help them find you. The more you exhale the more attractive you are to mosquitoes. Bigger people tend to exhale more, making them attractive to these pests. 

Heat and Sweat

Mosquitoes can detect different odors. They can detect sweat-emitted substances such as lactic acid and ammonia. Whenever you exercise, your body releases heat and lactic acid. Because of this, your odor profile changes. Such factors allow mosquitoes to see some people better than others.

Your Skin

The human skin is full of microscopic life. If such bacteria combine with your sweat, they release a characteristic odor that can attract mosquitoes. 


Some species of mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women. Studies show that such mosquitoes may prefer pregnant women over those who are not. The reason behind this is the carbon dioxide that a pregnant woman exhales in late pregnancy and the abdominal heat her body produces. 

If you have been targeted by mosquitoes in your house, take action right away. Do not allow these pests to control your life and health. Mosquitoes can transmit life-threatening diseases like dengue fever, malaria, and Zika virus. Protect yourself by having professionals address a mosquito issue in your house and give you advice on how to prevent future infestations. 

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