Floral Print In The Bride’s Look

The leading European runways are always full of original dresses with floral prints for many seasons. Today, the floral dress is a trend used by many wedding brands. The floral pattern is present in shoes and accessories, wedding dresses, and ceremony decor details, making the bride look more tender, romantic, and touching.

Floral Print On A Wedding Dress

A floral print on a wedding dress is a novelty that surprises and shocks. Designers try to create many floral patterns to please the tastes of the most capricious and demanding brides. A wedding floral dress looks intriguing, feminine, and tender. Such an outfit will look especially good at a themed wedding celebration, for example, as part of a nature, park, or garden wedding. An exquisite Jardin De Fleurs dress is an excellent choice for a modern bride!

Choose The Size Of Flowers To Make A Perfect Figure

When choosing a trendy dress floral pattern, you should consider not only your aesthetic preferences but also the parameters of your figure. Owners of ideal parameters are the luckiest and can wear almost anything: from small to large flowers.

The rest should consider that small flowers are visually slimming, mainly if they are located on a dark background. But fluffy peonies of medium and large sizes visually add a few inches, especially when depicted on a light background.

Trendy Combinations

It would help if you studied what goes well with a floral dress and what combinations should be categorically avoided. The first essential rule is that only monotonous jackets, shoes, and accessories work with a floral dress. If you complement such an outfit with other elements with bright patterns, you’ll create a visual dissonance, and the image will not be harmonious.

Wedding Shoes With Floral Print

A worthy continuation of the “flower” image of the bride will be wedding shoes with a floral pattern. Shoes made of satin can complement any flower dress for women. The background of the wedding shoe pattern can be bright or neutral. Floral motifs can be in the form of embroidery or a flower brooch.

Where To Buy A Floral Dress For A Wedding In The USA?

Milla brand knows everything about choosing an appropriate floral dress for weddings or other occasions. Their creators, the Milla Nova brand, is known for their gorgeous collection of wedding dresses. You can view the catalog and choose the best dress on the online store page with worldwide shipping.

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