Some Astonishing Uses of Your Regular Deodorant by that are from the Future

Deodorants commonly used for controlling odor and sweat can also have other purposes. However, do it at your own risk and consult the back of the package for warnings. Below are outlined some multi-purposes you can use deodorants for:


  1. It lets you wax your legs without irritating.

Apply a layer of deodorant on your legs before shaving. This application works as a lubricant preventing any razor cuts and will save you from strawberry legs. The final result is smooth and radiant legs.


  1. Reduces the formation of blisters

You can rub a little bit of deodorant on your upper heel and ankle area. Applied deodorant will prevent the harsh friction of the shoes from rubbing against your skin.  Imagine how convenient it would be while hiking, as some deodorants can be beneficial in lessening foot blisters. For this to work, a minimum of 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate diffused in anhydrous ethyl alcohol is required. With that being said, skin irritation is a potential side effect, so be cautious and do a skin patch test.


  1. Get rid of the itchiness the mosquito bites caused you!

When applied to parts of the body that are exposed, it can work as a mosquito repellent. And if you have already gotten bitten, you can use it as a soft material to get relief from scratching. The deodorant aluminum salts help decrease discomfort.


  1. Deodorant prevents your spectacles from getting off your face.

The arch of our nose can be oily and slippery, but if we apply a thin layer of deodorant, our spectacles will sit comfortably on top. The glasses will tend not to slip off or slide. Use a deodorant alternative called antiperspirant for this.


  1. Reducing oiliness

You can use the deodorant as a natural antiperspirant towards the upper area of your face. Antiperspirants reduce sweating and oil production making our skin look less shiny.


  1. Use as a nail polish remover.

You can use it as a nail polish remover by spraying concentrated deodorant spray on the nails. However, it must be said that solely spray deodorant can serve the purpose of this life hack. Use a cotton bud or tissue paper to rub the nail polish clean.


  1. Reduce flyaways

If you’ve run out of hair spray, antiperspirant deodorant is a viable option to apply along the hairline and on top of the lengths of your hair to prevent seeing yourself with curly hair. It is best to do this with your eyes closed. Another way you can use it is by spraying deodorant on a hairbrush and run it through your hair. Eventually, this will give your hair a more polished and tidy look.


Deodorants are often disregarded as using only one use, but now you know multiple. Now you have a purpose for all the deodorants laying around in the house. Be sure to try them out and find what works best for you.


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