Know the Maintaining Procedures and Manners of the Most Precious Aspect of Our Life, Time.

Are you scrolling mindlessly on Facebook, YouTube, or Google on how not to waste time while still wasting time? While the irony of the situation is humorous, the outcome of wasting time isn’t. Hence this is the perfect place to learn some unorthodox techniques to beating time!

Multitasking or Mono-tasking

People often overestimate their abilities and fall into the trap of assuming they can do more than one task at a time. However, statistically, only 2% of people worldwide can genuinely  ; this proves that the mass population is mainly wrong. Instead of juggling between tasks and doing them all half-heartedly, it is always better to do one job in a focused manner. This manner increases our efficiency and productivity, allowing us to finish more tasks within the same period. Hence you are saving time. So the myth that multitasking means you get more work done is wrong!

Logical vs. Creative

You can’t be using both your logical side and creative side at once. Our brains are complex and different parts of the brain can be attributed to various functions. Hence when we use our logical faculties, it isn’t easy to merge them with our creative faculties. For instance, if we spend hours crunching numbers, dates, and other statistics, it would be difficult to suddenly transition to a more creatively demanding task like giving a speech or presentation. To help save time, we can make two columns and divide our to-do list of the day into categories of ‘logic’ and ‘creativity and pursue each column’s works consecutively instead of interchanging between the two and wasting our brainpower and adapting time.

If it’s not in your calendar, it’s not going to happen.

Things we don’t put in our calendar either get forgotten or not prioritized more often than not. If you place your event or goal on your calendar, that means you can plan your routine more effectively around that event or task. You will be more conscious about your day and surround for say a vital date will less stressful work. You can also set a more challenging job at a specific time so that you can build momentum. In this way, we can save time and help our mental health and well-being by creating less stress for ourselves.

Monthly Goals 

You will often see that time is flying by, and this happens when we don’t have monthly goals or targets, or tasks. If we assign one big goal for a month and then find a way to break that goal down into individual weeks goals, then the workload might not seem too monumental. The weekly task can then be divided into one daily job that will contribute to the primary goal. In this way, we consistently work towards our goal, taking small but significant steps without overwhelming ourselves.

Repeat the same thing in the same place 

Time has memory; our skin, brain, and whole being hotels the memory of a place we visit often and associates similar emotions around it. We usually eat, sleep and work haphazardly all over the place. Especially during the pandemic, we have shifted our workstation from bed to table to sofa and wherever else; however, this confuses our brain and prevents it from building habits and memories to one place. If we always assign one place for our reading, we know that our brains will want to read and create neural pathways that will enable us to read better and focus better whenever we sit on that spot.

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Now that you’ve reached the end of this article don’t waste time implementing these techniques. Start by taking a breath and believing in the power of habit creation. You are sure to be more successful with better time management.

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