PG SLOT New game for the new year 2022! Play now at MEGA GAME

new year’s eve Welcoming the new year, new year 2022, this MEGA GAME presents PG SLOT, a new game to welcome the new year 2022, a new slot game. New Year’s Eve slot game with Mask Carnival (Mask Carnival) that the game developer PGSLOT has released for slot game players around the world to actually play since the demo game was released since August. Year 2021, which everyone can play this newest slot game at MAGAGAME.LIFE The number one slot website in Thailand!

PG SLOT new game to welcome the new year 2022, the end of the year slot game

For the latest slot game that the MEGA GAME game camp has released on December 28th. is a slot game that if you follow Trial games from us would be familiar to some with the game Mask Carnival that we have released for everyone to try from the beginning. last august Although there was a time when PGSLOT closed the beta game for maintenance. Today you can play real games and try the newest slots 2022 for free here.

Mask Carnival is a 5 reel, 4 row video slot with a scroll wheel and an increasing multiplier. Collect 3 scatter symbols to activate the free spins feature. Players are rewarded with 10 free spins and a x2 win multiplier, a chance to increase the win multiplier to 2 for every added reel, and 1 free spin for 1 symbol on the reels. !

Newest slot game content PG SLOT 2022

Venetian masks are an important part of Throughout the Carnival of Venice, Venetian masks are particularly prized for their intricate and intricate designs. and often have symbolic and practical functions.

There are many styles of masks to choose from. To show off your true self! One of the most famous masks Worn at the Carnival is the Volto, MEGA GAME a highly decorated mask that covers the wearer’s forehead, eyes and nose. One of the popular surprise masks is the Plague Doctor mask, originally worn by doctors to treat plague patients. Today it is a carnival mask decorated in various forms in the modern world.

So put on your mask and make your way to the Carnival through PG SOFT™’s newest game, Mask Carnival. Feel the festival spirit and compete in mask contests for unimaginable wealth and fame!

Able to play slots games, Mask Carnival, the latest open slots games in the MEGA GAME system and can try to play new slots for free. Includes all slots games, free to play! Now available at MEGAGAME.LIFE

for during the festive season New Year’s Eve 2022, online slots game disciples all over Thailand can play slots games at MEGAGAME.LIFE is available 24 hours a day as always. We provide happiness, fun and enjoyment all year round. For all members to be able to deposit – withdraw throughout the festival Just apply for membership with us, you can press to receive more free credit bonuses up to 100%. Apply for a new member, get an instant bonus of 100%, deposit 50, get 100, deposit 100, get 200, press to receive immediately. And there is also a promotion to welcome the new year. to give free credit for both old and new members Get an additional 50% credit when depositing your first bill of the day!

Play slots games continuously without interruption. Web slots that are open all year round. There is no closing. Ready to open 24 hours a day. There is a customer service team to help. Even on holidays like this Want to play all online slots games, new games, PG SLOT games, new games to welcome the new year. New arrival slots game 2022 before anyone else, only at MEGA GAME Slot system!

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