3 super attractive SKY88 promotions for bettors

SKY88 bookie is the leading reputable betting address in the Asian market, most notably in Vietnam. Not only owning a diverse game store, but also attractive odds and super huge SKY88 promotions also make bettors love. To learn more about the promotion program at the casino, the following article will be revealed to players.

1.Compilation of all SKY88 promotions for bettors

When participating in the SKY88 house, players not only experience modern and stimulating games but also diverse odds. In particular, promotions for players always help SKY88 stand out in the betting market. Here are all the SKY88 promotions that players should know about.

SKY88 promotions

1.1 SKY88 promotion for newbies with up to 300% deposit bonus

In order to attract players to participate, the house has a special promotion program SKY88 for newcomers who first register an account with a bonus of up to 300% of the deposit value, equivalent to about 3 million VND.

This program is only applicable for the first top-up and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. In particular, when betting in some lobby such as: Sports, Virtual Sport, Number game TP, Number Game, Keno TP, Keno, Lottery and Slot TechPlay, it will be applied.

To withdraw the bonus from the promotion, it is necessary to reach 35 rounds of betting. If it fails within 30 days, the account will return to the original level.

1.2SKY88 40% promotion for players when making the 2nd deposit

One of the promotions not available everywhere like SKY88 is a 40% discount on the second deposit. In this program, all gamers who already have an account at the house can apply. The maximum bonus amount of this program is up to 20 million VND and cannot be used in conjunction with other programs.

To receive SKY88 bonus money to your account from this program, players need to reach 14 rounds. All products of the house are eligible for this promotion.

1.3Return of bet 1.5% at SKY88 super attractive

One of the extremely attractive SKY88 promotions is a 1.5% refund up to VND 100 billion. The amount received is not limited but only applies to members who already have an account and participate in games such as: Sports, Virtual Sport, Keno, Number Game, Lottery, Keno TP, Number game TP, Slot TechPlay.

In addition to the games specified above, players can freely access other gaming experiences as usual, but the above promotion will not be applied.

2.Regulations to participate in SKY88 promotion

  The house offers attractive promotions for players, so the bettors must also understand the rules to enjoy the full SKY88 promotion. The rules to receive SKY88 offers are as follows:

Screenshot 2

SKY88 promotion rules

Official members with only one account at the house will receive the SKY88 promotion. Failure to comply with the terms set forth by this betting platform will result in the player’s refusal to pay the bonus.

The promotions at the SKY88 homepage all put the interests of the players first. In case a player intentionally abuses or cheats to use these offers, the bonus may be withdrawn or even the account canceled.

When there is a dispute about the promotion event, the player needs to provide relevant and valid documents for the dealer to confirm whether you are eligible to receive this SKY88 promotion.

In bets such as: Draw bets, canceled bets, cross bets, low bets will not be counted in the total bet.

Within 1 month of receiving the promotion, if a member does not reach the required number of rounds, the deposit, bonus and winnings will be reset by SKY88.

Before the SKY88 promotion withdrawal transaction, players need to check all betting activities. If there is no violation of the terms and use of the promotion, the money will be returned. On the contrary, if any of the terms of the promotion is violated, the bookie will withdraw all deposits and bonuses of the relevant offending accounts.

3. How to receive SKY88 promotion from the bookie?

Screenshot 3

Get SKY88 promotion by contacting CSKH . team

Participating in betting at the SKY88 house, players can experience moments of sublimation with modern and dramatic games. In particular, the house always gives players many benefits when becoming an official member here.

Accordingly, to receive the house’s promotions, players immediately access the SKY88 homepage. Then click on the promotion and choose to receive one of the house’s promotions.

If you do not know how to receive the Nhà cái SKY88 promotion, do not worry, players should immediately contact the consulting staff for assistance. In case the bonus has not been added to the account, please contact the customer service team for quick processing.


Above are some of the SKY88 promotions that we have just offered. In order not to miss the goods With thousands of these super attractive offers, quickly register as a member at the European-class entertainment paradise SKY88.

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