No Matter How Much Costly Japan is, there are plenty of Options for Affordable Treatment.

Japan is a trendy country for its innovative, advanced technology in terms of health care services. In Japan, the health care system is purely regulated by the governments to be affordable for everyone. Health insurance is mandatory for every resident, and during treatment, the government pays 70% cost, and the remaining 30% is responsible for the patient. Here are some of the low-cost hospitals in Japan discussed below.

  1. Tokyo Takanawa Hospital

Tokyo Takanawa hospital is one of the well-known hospitals in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. This hospital has a bed capacity of 247.

And they deal with services like surgery, cardiology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and dental, radiology, including CT/MRI scan, urology, and dermatology.

Language interpreters are available in English, Russian, and Chinese to communicate easily with patients. It may cost around ¥5,000-¥10,000. Physiological and health care consultation usually costs ¥23,100, and the ultrasound examination may cost between ¥11,000-¥72,000.

  1. Osaka University Hospital

Osaka university hospital is one of the largest hospital institutions with a diverse amount of 1076 beds available to treat patients. This hospital provides a wide range of health care services, including 32 departments such as the department of medicine, surgery, neuroscience, radiology, and clinical facilities such as testing of blood, tissue, pharmacy, nursing, and many more.

The general health consultation visit costs ¥5400. This hospital was renowned as the top three productive clinical research centers by the government. The cost is relatively affordable in this hospital, and the expense will be charged based on the type of treatment you are going to.

  1. Fukuoka Kyushu University Hospital

Fukuoka hospital in japan is also known as “warm-hearted medical care” this hospital has almost 2000 workers having 915 beds to occupy by patients. There are 23 departments, including the clinical division in each sector. Innovatory medical system and high-quality service made this hospital one of the most popular in terms of quality and cost. The department of cardiology in this hospital is incredibly advanced. They have active patients under this department, including CT, MRI, the diagnosis of atherosclerosis, lipid disorders, and the medical records claim to be the best according to the patients’ satisfaction.

  1. Kawasaki- St. Marianna Medical University Hospital

St Marianna hospital is in the city of Kawasaki of Japan. It is one of the very few medical which offers the Roman Catholic Church and the opportunity to study religion and medical practices. Their hospitality system will impress anyone as it has a comprehensive healthcare departmental system with the advantage of patients getting required treatment in a peaceful hospital environment.

There are other hospitals in Japan, such as Suzukake central hospital, Hamamatsu Minami hospital, located in Hamamatsu in Japan. Luckily, health care in Japan is always of high quality in providing services according to patients’ demand. Surprisingly, the cost is relatively affordable considering all the impressive facilities. People in Japan are blessed with the longest life span of any other country in the world. Their excellence in managing hospitals mesmerizes every patient by the hospitality services.

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