4 Things You Need To Know About Vape Batteries

Batteries are essential in a vape, and every experienced vaper will agree. If you are new to vaping, it is common for you to focus on coils, wicks, and tanks but overlook vape batteries. However, once you know how important they are, you will be shocked by their requirement in a vaping setup.

For a fulfilled vaping experience, it is essential to select quality batteries that can offer long life and good performance. If appropriately maintained, it can work right for a long time. It is not wise to be lethargic in purchasing the right one, as batteries for vapes are limited as per its model.

Read further to know more about the crucial information on vape batteries.

What is a vape battery?

It is a crucial component of making the vape run. Sometimes, smaller vape devices are called batteries. Larger vaping devices have a whole part that holds the battery, called a mod.

What are the different kinds of batteries?

There are automatic batteries and manual batteries.

Automatic batteries

A vape with an automatic battery will be activated with the help of a sensor to detect the rush of the air to start the battery.

Manual batteries

A vape with a manual battery will require you to depress the button to activate the battery. It might seem inconvenient, but you can quickly get used to it. Sometimes, you will feel like to have the power to control the draw.

Currently, devices come with both auto and manual operation. If you are new to experimenting, you can go to this dual device and understand which one you like better.

What are the two aspects that tend to confuse the vapers?

Battery capacity Vs. Battery voltage

New vapers often confuse battery capacity and voltage. They can find the clarity here. Battery capacity refers to the measure of the battery life, whereas battery voltage is known to be the power used by the battery to perform the vaping function.

Power capacity Vs. Power delivery

It refers to the presence and usage of power in the battery. A battery may have a good power capacity when it cannot be used, and there is no proper delivery; power capacity is of no use.

So, it is essential to know the power capacity and delivery before buying vape batteries. The absence or ill-functioning of any one of these can make the vape go futile.

What are the ways to maximise the life of battery vapes?

Regular use

It is essential to use the battery frequently not to stagnate its function.


Batteries must be stored in a calm and dark place. It is necessary to keep it this way when you plan to store it for a long time. Also, you must ensure that battery is at least forty per cent of charge. It can help keep the circuit alive within the battery.

Do not let the battery fully drain.

If you cultivate the habit of checking the battery then and there, you will not leave the battery go full empty. A full discharge can harm the life of the battery. So, make sure you connect it to the charger when the charge is around 20%.

Protect your battery with a case

It is good to buy a case for your battery to protect it from external factors. Also, do not keep the battery in the sun.

Thus, this is the most basic information to know about vape batteries. Hope these can help you pick the right one and enjoy an excellent vaping experience.

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