Before You Step on the Land of Maple Leaf Canada to Attend a Degree, Take in the Information

While thinking about studying in foreign countries, Canada is a sensible option for its top-notched universities. Here we are discussing the living cost in Canada for students who want to pursue their studies there.

Students need to be determined about their financial commitment to get admitted into their dream university to meet the cost and expense. The price depends on the university you applied to study. The average annual cost for tuition can be aroundC$8000 and student fees CAD 400 in most Canadian universities. The library expense, including textbooks, can be around C$600 per year.

Rent and Residential Expense

Vancouver and Toronto cities have the highest rental costs. However, some cities like Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, British Columbia have the cheapest places to live with affordable housing rent. You can spend only C$475 per month for one bedroom in the center of Quebec City with a cozy environment both inside and outside the house. The houses are well decorated, having an open kitchen and clean washroom. In Thunder Bay of Ontario, the cost for a one-bedroom goes around C$925. To make things more affordable, get some roomies in Toronto to split the rent.

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Apart from this rental cost, there are vital utilities such as heating and electricity bills which tend to cost like C$95 per month.

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Transport cost in Canada

In general, living cost in Canada is a bit expensive in terms of transport cost in the long run.

If you are traveling alone, a single bus ticket will costC$3.25 in cities like Quebec, Toronto. Traveling 1 km by taxi can cost C$2. The monthly pass for public transport may cost around C$83 in Montreal city.

Food Cost 

Groceries and food items are relatively cheaper in Canada but not precisely inexpensive. Maximum students save up the food cost by cooking themselves since buying from the restaurant for a meal usually costs C$15 in Montreal.  But this cost may get higher up to C$115 in Toronto and Vancouver cities. Surprisingly, the price for McDonald’s is about $10, which is consistent almost everywhere.

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Clothing Expense

Attires are considerably budget-friendly in Canada. Local brands such as Zara, H&M, and Adidas are average rated. Basic jeans may cost around CAD$66, whereas summer dresses usually cost about CAD$47in Montreal and Toronto.

Insurance and Medical Cost

Obtaining medical insurance is crucial, even though it is a big budget. Public health insurance is conducted in every sector. The monthly health insurance may cost C$70. The car insurance is about C$1500 annually, which is pretty high for students. Due to cold weather, students may get out, and these medicines can cost around CAD$12.

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Aside from studies, refreshment is a beautiful way to refill your boring lifestyle. Being entertained in Canada is very popular along with hiking, wandering in a tourist spot, Fitness, swimming club, etc., you can get all these, each under CAD$50. Nevertheless, living in Canada is the best choice for the fantastic experience of life

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