Find a Suitable Property for Long-Term Rentals in Tivat

Nestled alongside the picturesque Adriatic shoreline, Tivat, Montenegro, is a hidden gem that has been gaining recognition amongst expatriates and traders alike. This small metropolis boasts a unique combination of present-day services, cultural richness, and herbal splendor, making it an ideal place for those seeking lengthy-time-period leases. In this newsletter, we can discover the various factors to keep in mind while looking to find a suitable property for long-term rentals in Tivat, such as location, asset sorts, budget concerns, and nearby facilities.

The Appeal of Tivat

Why Choose Tivat?

Tivat is understood for its lovely scenery, colorful marina, and developing expat community. The metropolis offers a relaxed way of life with plenty of leisure activities such as sailing, hiking, and exploring ancient sites. Additionally, Tivat’s strategic place close to the Tivat International Airport and its proximity to other main Montenegrin towns like Kotor and Budva beautify its attraction.

Growing Popularity

Over the past decade, Tivat has experienced significant development, especially with the addition of Porto Montenegro, a luxury marina and residential complicated. This development has attracted a wealth of worldwide hobbies, making Tivat a hot spot for long-term leases.

Key Considerations for Long-Term Rentals


When deciding on assets in Tivat, the area is paramount. Here are a few famous neighborhoods:

  • Porto Montenegro: This area gives luxury apartments with get right of entry to to excessive-quit facilities. Ideal for those seeking out a top-rate lifestyle.
  • Donja Lastva: Known for its captivating coastal homes and quieter environment, best for families and retirees.
  • Seljanovo: A residential community near the marina, supplying a combination of modern residences and traditional homes.

Property Types

Tivat gives a variety of property sorts to cater to one-of-a-kind desires and options:

  • Apartments: Available in various sizes and styles, flats in Tivat vary from cutting-edge, excessive-cease gadgets in Porto Montenegro to extra low-cost alternatives in Seljanovo.
  • Houses: Traditional stone homes and cutting-edge villas are available, especially in areas like Donja Lastva.
  • Studios: Ideal for singles or couples, studios are regularly observed in central locations and offer a value-effective option for long-time period stays.

Budget Considerations

Understanding the rental market and setting a realistic budget is crucial. The table below provides an overview of average rental prices in different neighborhoods of Tivat:

Neighborhood Type Average Monthly Rent
Porto Montenegro Luxury Apartment €1,500 – €3,500
Donja Lastva House €1,200 – €2,500
Seljanovo Apartment €800 – €1,500
Central Tivat Studio €500 – €900

Local Amenities

Access to neighborhood services is an essential consideration whilst choosing an extended-time period condominium:

  • Transportation: Tivat is well-connected by public transport and taxis. Proximity to Tivat International Airport is a big benefit for common travelers.
  • Healthcare: The city has several clinics and is near larger hospitals in Kotor and Budva.
  • Education: For families, the provision of international faculties and kindergartens is vital. Tivat offers several respectable options.
  • Shopping and Dining: From neighborhood markets to excessive-cease boutiques and quite a few eating places, Tivat caters to all purchasing and dining possibilities.
  • Recreation: The marina, seashores, and close by mountains offer enough recreational possibilities, making Tivat an attractive destination for energetic individuals and families.

Steps to Finding the Right Property

Research and Planning

  • Identify Priorities: Determine your need to-haves, which include the variety of bedrooms, proximity to work or school, and desired services.
  • Market Research: Look at modern-day apartment listings online to understand the marketplace and evaluate costs.

Engaging a Real Estate Agent

Working with a neighborhood real estate agent can simplify the system of locating appropriate belongings. Agents have in-depth information of the market and might provide precious insights and get the right of entry to to listings that may not be publicly available.

Viewing Properties

  • Schedule Visits: Arrange viewings for multiple houses to get a feel of what’s to be had inside your finances.
  • Inspect Thoroughly: Pay interest to the situation of the belongings, including plumbing, electric structures, and any signs and symptoms of wear and tear.
  • Neighborhood Check: Visit the neighborhood at special times of the day to gauge noise tiers and the typical ecosystem.

Finalizing the Rental

Negotiation: Be prepared to negotiate phrases and condo charges. Long-time period rentals regularly provide more room for negotiation.
Lease Agreement: Carefully evaluate the hire agreement, ensuring it consists of details on rent, length, upkeep responsibilities, and every other applicable terms.
Deposit and Payments: Understand the deposit requirements and charge timetable. Ensure you have a clear file of all transactions.


Find a suitable property for long-term rentals in Tivat entails thorough research, cautious making plans, and consideration of different factors which include region, property type, price range, and amenities. By taking these steps, you could find an apartment that meets your needs and allows you to fully revel in the beauty and lifestyle that Tivat has to provide. Whether you are seeking out a costly condo in Porto Montenegro or a cozy residence in Donja Lastva, Tivat has something to cater to each choice and budget.

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