Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 in 2021

The Dust 2 update will change how the beginning of rounds in the guide will work out. Typically, AWP-ers would look through swinging doors and attempt to get a pick. With the update, this is made inconceivable.

It most certainly saves a smoke or two when getting through swinging doors. The progressions to Dust 2 and projectiles open the chance for various smoke spots.

We’ve accumulated the best smoke spots in Dust 2. These smokes can assist you with intersection regions, get to the site, and execute various pushes. Utilize the best point mentors to rehearse your point and plan for battles after the smoke closes.

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Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 – A Site

How about we start with the best smoke spots for Dust 2’s A site. These smokes will assist you with assuming responsibility for A place and push your foes back.

Long Corner Smoke

The lengthy corner smoke is a significant spot since many individuals play this corner forcefully and attempt to get a free kill. The long corner is a beautiful simple spot to smoke, and there are huge loads of arrangements accessible that you can toss from safe sites.

Long Cross Smoke

Smoking the cross in A site can assist you with getting to the area rapidly. Tragically, it requires two clouds of smoke to cover the cross altogether. However, it blocks both catwalk and CT produce, so it’s most undoubtedly excellent.

This smoke certainly requires some collaboration and is best executed if you have great comms. Make sure to leap into a Discord server, utilize a decent headset, and give it a shot with your companions.

Long Doors Smoke

Assuming your group needs to play forcefully on A site, you could smoke long entryways for a colleague. The cover permits them to get a benefit over your adversaries. It keeps surges from long entrances and can assist your partner with improving their position.

Catwalk Smoke

Catwalk smoke is an incredible guarded smoke in case you are playing on A site. It closes off the catwalk, except if foes drive farther into the area. A great approach to ultimately use this smoke is to utilize it on the catwalk and afterward center around a long time ago; rivals are probably not going to push through the smoke.

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 – B Site

The following arrangement of smoke spots is for the B site. These are the absolute best smokes you can utilize and are an incredible way of using your utility. A portion of these smokes require a leap tie, so make sure to have perhaps the best console for CS: GO prepared for consistency.

B Doors Smoke

Smoking off B entryways lets you get to the site without stressing over the fortifications pivoting from different regions. Specific individuals will push through the smoke. However, you should, in any case, enjoy the benefit.

B Window Smoke

The B window is frequently an AWP-ers most loved area. It’s a protected spot for AWP-ers to look from and can reposition themselves if necessary without much of a stretch. Smoking B window wipes out a potential AWP point, and when joined with a B entryway, smoke can purchase your group a great deal of time to get B site.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

At long last, we have smoked for the center region in Dust 2. They close off points that will assist you with getting to the catwalk, pass through swinging doors, or into caves. Some are additionally useful for forcefully pushing mid as CTs.

Xbox Smoke

Xbox is a genuinely regular spot to smoke since it obstructs an AWP-ers see from swinging doors and permits you to cross to catwalk or passages without getting spotted securely. However, be cautious about forceful catwalk pushes.

Left Side Smoke Mid

Smoking off the left half of mid permits you to pivot from mid to A through the CT bring forth. It impedes a vast region, and adversaries from the B site will experience issues detecting your pivot.

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