Range over the land of thunder dragons with DrukAsia. 

Tucked away in the Eastern Himalayas, the land of Bhutan is a hidden gem with majestic mountains, rivers, and valleys. This hidden kingdom is a perfect blend of its culture, nature, and spirituality. With unique monasteries and fortresses, it offers a unique experience to anyone who visits. Its landscape is filled with breathtaking views of the snow-topped mountains, dense forests, and lush green grass that make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The Bhutanese lifestyle is heavily based on their spiritual beliefs in Buddhism. They have value and respect for their ancestors. They care for their environment and citizens. 

They wear their traditional clothes during festivals but some do wear them on a regular basis, especially the older generation. Their culture gets portrayed through arts, music, dances, and food. 

It is their way of expressing the culture they own in their hearts. Bhutanese culture is open for all to explore and enjoy. 

Are you looking for ways to visit Bhutan tourist places? 

Then you should contact Bhutan’s official tour agency DrukAsia Tours and Treks.

About them : 

DrukAsia is a tour agency based in Bhutan. They are under the national airline operator DrukAir. They started their journey with the common goal of giving their tourists quality service. They work with excellent teams who will lead you on further tours with the history of Bhutan and help you to visit all the Bhutan tour places

DrukAsia also offers visa handling, hotels, and air tickets. They have multiple packages according to your budget and tour plans. All their packages are top quality and will give you an enjoyable experience throughout your Bhutan tour packages

DrukAsia offers Bhutan cultural tour packages that are specially made for those who want to enjoy the culture of different countries. 

Their package contains –  

7 days bhutan tour with Haa Valley – 

This involves the green valley of Paro, their capital Thimphu and the old capital Punakha. 

8 days magical Bhutan travel plan – 

It covers from the East to the west side of Bhutan. Which makes you fall in love magically with Bhutan’s beauty. 

11 day cultural tour travel plan – 

In this package, you will be able to witness paper making, a day trek to tango goemba, and a picnic by a river. 

4 days discover Bhutan – 

It is a short package for those who are on a budget and got a short time on hand.  

15 days east to west cultural tour and flight to Yonphula – 

In this package, you can travel by Bhutan’s domestic flight and have a complete tour of all Bhutan tour places. 

6 days 5 nights Chinese new year – 

A unique way to enjoy the Chinese new year in your tour plan.

7 days Bhutan glamping tour – 

Glamping is a term for camping that is done in a glamorous way. This is very popular these days among travelers. And there is nothing better than enjoying glamping in Bhutan.

All DrukAsia’s packages can be customized. You have to contact them through their websites to know about available packages and time schedules. They will provide you the further details. 

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