The Most Detailed FB88 Withdrawal Instructions For Newbies

nhà cái fb88 withdrawal information is one of the hot topics searched by many bettors. After winning the bets at the house FB88, how will the player withdraw money to the account? What regulations do you need to comply with to be legally allowed to withdraw money at this reputable bookie? Please refer to our article to get a satisfactory answer.

1. Summary of FB88 withdrawal conditions

FB88 house is famous as one of the world famous online betting paradise. Therefore, the house always sets strict rules in withdrawing money to ensure fairness for all players. If you want to withdraw FB88 money, you need to comply with the following conditions:

The player’s betting account balance at FB88 needs to reach a minimum of 1 million VND or more.

Before withdrawing money to your account, you need to participate in a sufficient number of bets according to the regulations of the house FB88. For promotional bonuses, you need to participate in at least 20 betting rounds before withdrawing.

Players need to link a bank account with a betting account at the house FB88. In particular, the bank account information must match the registered information of the bettors.

You can only withdraw money to the specified FB88 bank accounts. Accordingly, you can withdraw money to a number of banks as follows: Vietinbank, BIDV, Sacombank, Dong A Bank, Vietcombank, Techcombank.

2.Share the simplest and fastest way to withdraw FB88 money 2023

For players who come to the prestigious FB88 house for the first time, you can make FB88 withdrawals through your bank account. To be able to withdraw money from FB88 to your bank, you will go through 2 stages as follows:

2.1 Fund transfer instructions

To be able to withdraw FB88 money to your bank account, you need to perform a fund transfer to transfer the bonus to the official betting account. This process goes like this:

Step 1: Players will access the address of the house FB88 and log in to their valid account.

Step 2: After successfully logging in to this reputable bookie, players will click on the box “Transfer money” on the Menu bar.

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Step 3: Click on the box “Transfer funds”.

Step 4: At this point, you will proceed to transfer funds by selecting the amount you want to transfer and then selecting the destination as “Main Account”. Finally, please select “Confirm”.

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3. Instructions for withdrawing FB88 money from the main account to the bank

After the player successfully transfers funds, all your bets and bonuses will be returned to the official FB88 account. At this time, the player will make a withdrawal of FB88 money to the bank as follows:

Step 1: Please return to the official interface of the FB88 dealer.

Step 2: If you look at the top of the Menu bar in the right corner, you will see the item “Withdrawal”. Please click on that box.

Step 3: After successfully performing the second step, the FB88 house will provide a list of withdrawal methods that players can make. Here, you will select “Withdraw money to the bank”.

Step 4: Transaction information will appear on the screen, you will fill in the following information: bank name, bank branch, bank account number, amount to withdraw, OTP confirmation code .

Step 5: You check the transaction information again, then click “Withdraw”.

3.1 What players should note when withdrawing FB88 money

As you can see, the process of withdrawing money to a bank account at the FB88 house is extremely simple, safe and fast. However, there are still some cases where errors arise. To be able to withdraw bonuses in the most convenient way, players should note a few things as follows:

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To ensure that the FB88 withdrawal process is safe, you need to provide full personal information, especially identification so that the house can confirm the identity of the recipient.

The withdrawal limit in 1 day at the FB88 house is from 100K to 100 million. Players will only be able to make a maximum of 5 withdrawal transactions/day.

For withdrawal transactions, FB88 house will make it in about 5 to 10 minutes. If you have waited too long and still have not received the money in your account, please contact Customer Service to ask for help.

Thus, you have just discovered the FB88 withdrawal process and the conditions related to the withdrawal transaction at this prestigious redemption playground. Hopefully, through today’s article, you will know more simple, convenient and fast withdrawal methods at the reputable FB88 bookie.

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