A Student Must Know the Lifestyle and Cost of Living of the USA Before Going for the Visa

Nowadays, people dream of joining their top-listed university in the USA because of the thriving communities in every sector of the country. Students are more likely to choose a city that is close to their respected university. Here we are discussing the living cost in some cities of the USA for students.

Students need to be financially confident if they choose to stay outside instead of in a dorm. The average monthly dollar can be 1000USD, excluding any tuition fees. The cost of living is a bit higher in the eastern part, like New York and Columbia cities. Here the universities allow diverse opportunities of employment after completing the post-graduation. Study materials along with textbooks may cost $500-$1000 every year.

However, there are also some affordable places to live, which are budget-friendly for students in Mississippi and Georgia.

1.      House rent cost in the USA

House rent is pretty high in the USA. In New York City, the average monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment is about $3,000. For a university student living in New York, it will cost $749, and in San Francisco, it may cost $852. If you find roommates in San Francisco, you can lower the cost of rent. whathowbuzz Blogs for Industry News & Trends Daily. biographywiki Celebryty Biography of Famous Personalities

Other utilities, including gas, electricity, and water bills, may further cost you $128 in New York. But in other cities, the price is even higher, which could be a little tough to carry by a student.

2.      Transport cost in the USA

Driving in the USA is relatively cheap, making it quite normal to buy private cars. But many students prefer the public transport system as it is easier to navigate anytime. The bus ticket cost for a single person is $2.75. A taxi for the 5-mile ride is about $15. The monthly transport pass costs $119.

3.      Food expense in the USA

Foods and groceries are incredibly cheap in the USA. Supermarkets like Walmart, providing food online to operate friendly behavior to feed ourselves easily. Cheese may cost $6, coffee for $4.92.Students can collect items easily to make food at home, which will save a lot of money in the long run—a moderate meal from a restaurant costing $12. Food expense generally depends on the lifestyle you follow.

Clothing and summer5 friendly attires are noteworthy inexpensive if you do buy them from supermarkets. You can get a pocket pinching top, jeans under $30

4.      Medical cost and insurance

Insurance is a lifesaver, and it helps in emergencies. It is possible to get insurance for students at an affordable price recently. In the USA, health insurance can cost $3400 per year. The health care service in terms of dental costs is quite expensive in the USA.

Many students are doing part-time jobs to ease out the extra expenditures. Hence, it helps to save money which they later use for entertaining themselves to skip a mundane lifestyle. Students go for weekend activities which usually cost within $100 considering the price of a movie ticket, swimming, working out at a fitness club, etc.

The USA is a beautiful country with breathtaking wonders of sightseeing, and students are exploring different places to get landscape views and to get settled soon.



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