The ultimate guide to adding a custom contact form to Shopify (Plus 5 best contact form apps for Shopify in 2022)  

Do you have an online store on Shopify with a dedicated contact page? You can add a contact form to your Shopify product pages too. 

An ordinary contact form? 

Not at all. 

Instead, a fully responsive, integrated, and automated custom contact form would help to take your business to the next level. It engenders trust among your customers as they fill their details which is not possible in any static form. To be precise, it makes the entire process easier for your customers to contact you. It also keeps them on the current page without interrupting their buying journey. 

More than 1,800,000 businesses globally depend on Shopify as an all-in-one eCommerce platform. According to a report, Shopify generates revenue of $3 billion in 2020 and this trend will accentuate the soaring demand for eCommerce platforms in the upcoming years. 

Why do you need to add contact forms to Shopify stores?

We know that you care for your customers. However, you need to convey this same feeling to the consumers. On that note, a contact page could convince your clients that your business is legitimate and contains all the information. Putting additional correct information like mailing address, phone number, and business location will feel more confident while the customers will purchase your products. In fact, they can reach you directly if they have any issues with the order.

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How to add the contact form to your Shopify store 

Step 1- Use a staging version of your store

Duplicate your site’s current live theme by going to actions > duplicate.
The duplicated theme should show in your store’s theme library. On the duplicated theme, click actions > preview to create a live preview of your site with this theme. When you test out any contact field apps, you should apply them first to this duplicated theme and see how they work, and see if they break anything. Once you’re confident everything is working as expected, you can apply it to your live theme. 

Step-2- Set up your Shopify contact page 

To set up your Shopify contact page, you need to establish a contact form for your online store. If there is a page with no content, the contact form will only appear on the page. To make a contact page, here are the steps-

  • Access Shopify admin panel and go to Online store> pages
  • Now, click on the Add page button. 
  • Add a catchy phrase in the Title area, like “Contact us” or “Get in touch”. 
  • Fill the content area with text above the contact form. Write pleasant, brief, and to the point. Try to add a call to action button which will drive the attraction of your customers. 
  • Select the template suffix drop-down option and now select the page.

Step-3- Add a custom field 

To interact with your clients, you need to collect more comprehensive information. You can expand the contact form along with additional fields. To add more fields, follow these steps-

  • Navigate to the Online store> Themes section of the Shopify admin panel. 
  • Choose the Actions drop-down box and edit the code to edit your selected theme. 
  • Once you get the list of theme files, choose the page. contact.liquid file from the templates folder. 
  • Based on your preferences, you can put code on the extra fields. Based on the type of form field. You may need to change the code based on the type of form you want to create. 
  • Make sure to save everything once you’ve finished adding all the fields. 

Step-4- Define the field types 

Once you have completed adding the fields to your contact form, you need to define the field types. Few form field samples are provided below. You can also customize the fields according to your requirements. 

Step-5- Customize the contact form’s field 

You can change the code to make the contact form more personalized. You need to do the changes before saving it. You can also add the features which you require on your Shopify forms like name, label, value, and placeholder. Once any customer completes the form, you will receive a mail with a report.

There’s more to adding and personalizing a contact form to your online storefront, that may require scripting and editing. And if you’re not familiar with Shopify scripting, you can choose to hire Shopify expert or reach out to Shopify support to assist you in setting up your store. 

Bonus – Best contact form apps for Shopify 

  1. Constant Contact Marketing

Starts from $5/month. Constant Contact Marketing Constant Contact Marketing 


  • Personalized messages based on your Shopify client information.
  • Efficient email automation 
  • Customizable templates 
  • Seamless integration 
  1. Zero spam contact form

Starts from $4.95 per month.


  • No spam messages anymore.
  • Advanced security form by Google. 
  • Designed to accommodate your shop.
  1. Form Builder Pro 

Starts from $0.99/month. 


  • This application is versatile and responsive. It can run all platforms including Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop/desktops. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • No coding is necessary to use the application. 
  1. Easy Contact Form

Starts at $12.99/month. 


  • You can customize the textual styles and pictures as per the requirement. 
  • Adding email administration and the automated message is easier. 
  • You can embed the contact form easily with your Shopify store. Do the same without the help of an expert. 
  1.  Wholesale+ ambassador form

This application comes with free plans. 


  • You can customize the business experience by utilizing custom discount estimating and utilizing the quote structures for your customers. 
  • You can collect document transfer, discount the valuing and add custom statement structures. 

Summing it up 

Having your own Shopify contact form will propel your business as you will get the chance to know your audience. Based on that, you can improve the products/services and even the entire Shopify storefront by targeting the buyers.  

However, if you are looking for a Shopify developer for your business, we have a few recommendations for you-

1. BlueSwitch

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2. Acidgreen

Acidgreen provides data-driven design and customer-centric solutions, which engenders trust among the consumers. If you’re looking for a Shopify development company in Australia, you can ask for their assistance. Take a deeper look at their portfolio to know more about their services. 

3. CodeClouds

Looking for the best Shopify expert in India? CodeClouds could be the answer for you.  Following a robust working procedure and adopting newer technologies, the entire team is working while keeping their nose to the grindstone. 

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