Tips and tricks to prevent your mattress from sliding

It is annoying when our goodnight’s sleep gets disrupted. And many times, apart from our monkey mind that causes our sleep to be disturbed, having a sliding mattress is also a common factor responsible for this problem. Sleeping on a sliding mattress usually feels like having a moving floor beneath you which is not tolerable while you need a peaceful sleep. However, the good news is you can use simple tricks to solve the issue of sliding mattresses. The solution to fixing a sliding mattress starts with finding the root cause of the problem. Once you know that, half of your problem gets solved. To tackle the rest of it, here are simple tips and tricks to prevent the mattress from sliding.

Use Velcro tapes– Using Velcro strips is one of the best ways to fix things to their place. Using them for sliding mattresses will surely help you to prevent mattress sliding. To implement this trick, stick the Velcro strip to the head and foot of your bed and the mattress frame, this will make the mattress intact with the bed and minimize movement of it. You will get mattress Velcro for a negligible cost which makes this trick super cheap. You can also check out Duroflex products to find the ideal mattress for your bed.

Invest in mattress pads- Using mattress pads is yet another simple way to prevent mattress sliding. Mattress pads are specifically made to solve the issue of mattress sliding and therefore they are made according to the standard sizes of beds. You can find some affordable options for mattress pads online. These are good to invest your money in as they also increase the surface level of the cushion which makes your bed Furth more comfortable eventually making your sleep peaceful and relaxing.

Rug pad grippers hack Usually rug pad grippers are used to keep the rugs intact with the floor. These can also be used for mattresses. Such grippers are wallet-friendly and you can get them in numerous sizes. This simple hack has tremendous benefits when it comes to mattress sliding issues. Use these grippers between the mattress and its support structure to get instant relief. Avoid this problem in the first place by investing in quality furniture like Trendsbee products and mattresses from quality brands.

Go for bed railing – While this can’t be an optimum solution for everyone, it does work in some cases. If railing the frame of your bed does not make the interior of your room look absurd then go for it. You can either go for temporary ready-made railing but finding it as per the size of your bed is quite a troublesome task or build a customized railing that perfectly surrounds your bed frame. It is recommended that you go for adjustable ones that can be used later too.

Use mattress extenders or fillers- Sometimes the reason behind mattress sliding is that your mattress is too small to fit perfectly on your bed surface. To solve this problem, invest in mattress extenders or gap fillers that fill up the extra space. These extenders provide your mattress with the ideal measurements for it to fit on the bed surface and prevent sliding. This solution will fix your problem in the long term whereas stuffing the extra gaps are a temporary solution.

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