3 Things That Make Whistler the Perfect Place to Buy a Second Home

Whistler is a city unlike any other.  Just a couple of hours outside of Vancouver, this mountain resort town gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of the perks of being a winter sports capital but is small and quiet enough that vacationing here still feels like a getaway from the rush and stress of life.  

These are three things that make Whistler a step above the rest and why you should consider buying a second home here soon! 

The Large Selection of Things To Do Year-Round

Whether you’re interested in kayaking, skiing, or chilling out in a sauna: you’ll find something fun to do while you’re in Whistler.  When snow coats the mountains, you can find countless winter activities from skiing to snowboarding and even long-distance skiing.  Summer melts away all of that icy gloom and replaces it with vibrant greens and bright blue water that make this area feel like a paradise.

If you ever miss city living, Vancouver is just a couple of hours away!  This is one of the largest cultural hotspots in the country and reigns as the tech and filming capital of Canada, meaning there’s a lot of entertainment and awesome museums and shows you can go to at any time!

Incredibly Quick Rising Property Values

Real estate for sale in Whistler is a prized commodity.  Homes don’t stay on the market for long, and their prices are generally far higher than many people would like to believe.  Although it can be stressful getting into the market, once you’re in, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to sell for far more than you bought for. 

Property costs are constantly rising here; Whistler is the most expensive area to buy a home in the country.  A large part of this is thanks to the fact that there’s so little land to develop, and a large part is a location.  In the winter sports capital of the world, just a couple of hours from one of the entertainment capitals of Canada, and full of gorgeous views and incredible experiences, it’s no mystery why the property is so expensive here.

The Ability to Keep Active and Healthy Longer in Life

One of the most important parts of achieving a long and healthy life is to invest in a lifestyle that encourages it.  Part of this is to keep active and create rituals and plans for yourself that keep your life exciting.  Whistler offers this for anyone who wants it!  Although you don’t have to stay on the ski slopes until you’re ninety, you can still enjoy the walking trails, swim in the rivers in the summer, and get far more mobility than you would while living in the city.  

If your main home is in America, Canada is a better place to retire because of improved healthcare, better living expenses, and more supportive communities.  You’ll be able to connect more with people here than anywhere else.

Whistler is the Best Place for A Second Home if You Can Afford It

Although every city is different, and you can find perks in any living situation, Whistler is the best option for most people looking for where to buy their second home.  Get to know the locals, connect with nature, and you’ll love living here.

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