Antony shared with Vn88cx: World Cup conditioning makes us sick

The winger on the Man United payroll complained about the air conditioning system at the 2022 World Cup stadiums to Vn88 sport.

“I had a bad feeling for a few days because of a sore throat caused by the air conditioning system in the stadiums. Not only me, many other players also cough and sore throat, although before, we rarely had it. sick”, Antony informed

“Fortunately, I have recovered and reached 100% fitness. I am very happy to be a part of the Brazilian team. I am always ready to play at any time,” emphasized the winger born in 2000.

Most stadiums in Qatar are equipped with air conditioning systems to deal with the heat during the World Cup. This system radiates cold air from the corners of the yard to different degrees to cool the largest space possible. In the stands, the host Qatar also arranged many misting nozzles under the seats to cool the audience.

However, Vn88cx has researched the ventilation system, but it is not cared for by Qatar. If bacteria or contaminants are present, the air conditioning system will inadvertently release them, thereby causing nose and throat problems.

Previously, Antony, Alisson and Lucas Paqueta had to miss two training sessions due to health reasons. This trio has recovered before the second round of the group stage.

A 1-0 victory over Switzerland in Group G helped Brazil win tickets to the round of 16 early one match. This is also the 14th World Cup in a row, “Samba Dancers” have passed the group stage. They will play the final match of the group stage against Cameroon on January 3.

Kylian Mbappe received the best player award in two group stage matches with France. According to FIFA regulations, “Ninja Turtle” had to participate in an interview, but he refused. Mbappe’s actions left the leading organization in world football with no choice but to issue a penalty. Previously, the World Football Federation Vn88cx fined Germany 10,100 euros for violating regulations on press conferences before each match.

Both the French Football Federation and Mbappe have been warned for skipping interviews after the 4-1 win over Australia. However, the PSG player continued to challenge FIFA by leaving immediately after the 2-1 win over Denmark.

According to Vn88, the reason why Mbappe refused to be interviewed was because the player wanted to avoid questions about the relationship between him and his teammates at PSG. Mbappe thinks this can distract him.

At EURO 2020, Mbappe missed the penalty that caused France to lose to Switzerland. Two years later, this player shone with 3 goals and 1 assist at the World Cup, helping France break the curse of the defending champion being eliminated from the group stage for the past 12 years.

At the age of 24, Mbappe has scored 7 goals at the World Cup. The PSG striker has the opportunity to improve his performance in the procedural match against Tunisia at 10pm tonight (November 30)

Sharing in the interview on the night of November 29 of, coach Bento said: “First of all, I want to say sorry to the players. I did not feel bad in the last match. Because I am also human. that’s why this was the case. However I think the referee Anthony Taylor was disrespectful to us. There were unclear free kicks in both halves. Again I would like to say sorry for the push. The team is in a difficult situation.”

Coach Bento was sent off after rushing into the field and reflecting on referee Anthony Taylor’s decision to blow the final whistle. At that time, Korea was awarded a corner kick in the position of Ghana leading 2-3. The red card prevented the 53-year-old coach from attending the press conference after the bronze match was banned from directing in the last match against Portugal on December 2.

Assistant Sergio Costa was the replacement of coach Bento to conduct an interview after the match against Ghana. It is likely that the assistant will also direct the Korean team in the match against Portugal.

Coach Bento added to Vn88 mobile sport: “We are in a difficult situation, and I am not allowed to sit on the bench. I will take all responsibility for my actions. We have time. to recover and prepare for the next match. I will prove to everyone that Korea is a strong and organized team.”

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