Bigg Boss 13 Episode 125 Watch Online

On Bigg Boss 13 episode 125, we got to see some interesting situations. The housemates are divided into two teams after Vikas Gupta declared Arti Singh out of the captaincy race. However, Kashmera Shah made a shocking revelation when she said that Vikas was not her person and that she was playing double games. After this, the discussion turned ugly and the housemates were divided into two teams – Team Vikas and Team Arti.

On this week’s episode, Salman calls Himanshi onto the dock post and says that she has revealed a lot of information outside the house. She has also talked about Arhaan to Rashami and Vishal. Vikas also asks Himanshi to reveal her secret to Rashami. Himanshi is shocked and faints during the next round. This episode is a must watch for fans of Bigg Boss 13!

On this week’s episode, Bigg Boss will assign two teams. In each team, they will have to make a house. The team will make the houses with the help of a house paper and paint it. Shefali will judge the task and the team with the most number of houses will win a luxury budget item. After the teams have finished the tasks, the housemates will choose two inmates to be sent to jail. They choose Mahira & Paras.

During the next round, Himanshi Khurrana collapsed and started to faint. Luckily, Asim Riaz stepped in to help her recover. Vikas also explains to Himanshi why she should tell Asim if she loves him. Rashami is shocked at the sudden change and shouts at the two. But Sidharth keeps insisting that they are not friends.

After the task, the other housemates decide to fight for the final prize. The team members are arguing over their squabbles. Vikas, Kashmera, and Arti are also having a fight. The team members are in a panic mode. The contestants can’t take any more of their teammates’ insults and teasing. Asim tries to keep everyone calm and asks them to stop attacking each other. Asim then tells Kashmera that he will make him win.

During the competition, the teams will be divided into three categories. One of these teams will be in the captaincy round. The winner of this task will be the one who can beat the other team’s captain. The remaining teams will have to face each other and get rid of their rivals in a week’s time. In episode 125, we will find out who will be the next captain! Let’s check out the key details in this exciting episode!

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