First You Learn, Then Earn. Here are the Best Free Online Courses One Can Enrol Today Blindly

If you’re a student in need of a part-time job or freelance commissions, then consider applying for online courses that can help certify you and convince clients that you’re worth employing. But if you’re a student, you’re probably also paying for college or high-school education and have a low budget for anything else. Luckily many free and worthwhile online courses are available, although certification usually requires a small payment.

Child Nutrition and Cooking

If you’re interested in studying food and nutrition, consider applying for Stanford Online’s completely free five-week course on nutrition. You’ll find the route on Stanford Online’s website. The only thing you’ll need to join in is a kitchen and ingredients to go along with the assignments. You can apply for a certificate later on and take the exam to get it, or you can learn for knowledge’s sake.

Careers in Media Technology

Program management, tech design, and product management are critical fields right now. Knowing media and market preferences will open doors to many lucrative career choices. Stanford Online offers a course on this for free on their website. There are five sessions, and as usual, you can ask for a certificate for a small fee.

Scrum, Agile, and Product Delivery

Scrum is a framework start-ups use to scale efficiently. And, this is one of the most demanded fields of expertise right now, and it is highly recommended students take it up. Udemy offers an entirely free course on the matter. There are 13 lectures, all about an hour long. If you pay for the period, you’ll have access to Q/A sessions and receive a certificate.


Harvard offers an introductory course on Computer Science and programming completely free of charge. The system is highly recommended and extremely popular among students. It’s easy to follow for total beginners and educational for people who know something on the matter. In the end, you can pay only $50 for a Harvard Certificate in the case. I would recommend spending the money on a programming course instead of being certified in practical programming knowledge as this certificate won’t prove that you’re adept at back-end programming.

Environmental Technology

The Online Learning Initiative offers a free course on environmental technology in safety and Water Technology. This course is an excellent choice for students in Environmental Science. You could potentially gain certificates recognized by the EPA and OSHA. The system will help prepare you for laboratory and workplace safety.

Machine Learning

Coursera features a free 4.9/5 rated course by Stanford University on Machine Learning. Machine learning is prevalent in people’s everyday lives and is a significant area of innovation and research. A career in machine learning requires creativity, perseverance, and readiness to learn. Get started right now on that path if AI, programming, and technology are your thing by joining this course.

Enrolling in online courses is also a great way to look favorable to universities. It shows that you genuinely care about making your way in life and can take the initiative.

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