Find a Comedian to Host a Work Event

Work events can be a blast as long as you have the right atmosphere in place. This means not only choosing a good menu (and possibly an open bar), but also considering what entertainment is appropriate for the crowd.

A comedian is a great cost-effective solution in many cases, an entertainment option that’s not as involved as live music but will get the crowd going just the same.

Here are questions you should be asking yourself to be able to find the perfect comedian to host your work event.

What industry are you in?

Some industries take a more relaxed stance than others. The appropriate comedian for a room of suit-clad Wall Street folks may not be the right person to perform in front of a group of people who run a tech start-up in California.

There are clean comedians available for work events that must be tamer and follow certain rules. There are also brasher comedians, like Punkie Johnson, who will light a fire under a work event that’s more laid back and feels like a hangout with friends.

What are your employees like?

This goes hand-in-hand with the industry question. Do you have reserved employees or a group of folks with a tough sense of humor? Or is your group constantly cracking jokes and being light-hearted?

Knowing how your employees will react to a comedian will determine who is the right pick to host your event.

What tasks do you need them to do?

Some comedians can come in and do a concentrated stand-up act, while others double as an emcee.

When planning the event outline all the tasks you will need the comedian for. They may need to introduce and close the event in addition to doing a bit in the middle. They may need to be the time keeper for the agenda and be in charge of ensuring everything is going according to schedule and that people are doing what they need to and are where they need to be at any given moment.

Search for comedians with a well-rounded resume that speaks to a variety of roles. Be upfront with the person you’re looking to hire to make sure they are aligned with what you want them to do.

Do you have a chance to see them live?

A person may sound great on paper, or even in a pre-event interview, but you want to see them at the peak of performance to determine if they truly are a good fit for your event.

You can seek out local shows to check them out at, or ask for video clips or references from past clients.

What is your budget?

This should be one of the first steps you take before you even start researching comedians to host your event. Determine how much you have to spend for their time, and go from there.

Utilize web searches and social media to hunt down the person who fits your audience, venue, and goals, then start setting up introductory meetings so you can pare down your list and find the comedian who will take your event to the next level.

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