Full Rules In The Rules Of Playing Baccarat Cards You Need To Know

One of the hottest games today is Baccarat. However, not everyone understands the rules of Baccarat because this game has quite complicated rules. If you are also learning about the rules of this game, do not miss this article. Because we will have all the information that a Baccarat player needs to know.

1.Introduction to Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game available at many bookies today. Because it is a card game, Baccarat uses a 52-card deck, specifically using 4 to 6 cards. Each card has a score corresponding to its value.

When playing Baccarat you can choose the bet you want. Players need to place bets and the rest will be done by the house. Playing Baccarat has a pretty high win rate, and because of this, this game is so hot. Currently, most bookies offer Baccarat card games.

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  1. Baccarat rules to grasp

Compared to other types of card games of chance, the rules of Baccarat are considered to be more difficult. That is because Baccarat has many different rules, so it is difficult for players to grasp. Here are the basic rules that every player needs to know when playing Baccarat:

2.1 Table rules

In the rules of Baccarat, you will have to bet on one of three doors: Player, Banker or Tie. Tie Gate is also known as Hoa Gate. Each turn you will need to bet on a hand of your choice. There will be a maximum of 3 cards for a hand, any door with a total of 9 or 8 will be considered a winning door.

If the two doors have the same number of points, then whoever bets on the Tie will win. After dealing, the cards are placed face down. When the player completes the bet, the card will be turned up. If you play Baccarat online, you should choose reputable casinos to ensure that no fraud occurs.

2.2 Baccarat playing rules – game progression

In the rules of Baccarat, the house will have the task of dealing cards to 2 doors, Player and Banker. No matter how many people bet, only 4 cards are dealt at a time. 2 cards for Player hand and 2 cards for Banker hand. In it, cards 1 and 3 are dealt to Player. Trees 2 and 4 are divided by Banker.

Players place bets and the dealer flips the cards and announces the score. Based on the number of points will find the winning door. In some cases, it will be necessary to draw an additional 3 card to find out which is the winning door.

2.3 Baccarat Scoring Rules

As introduced, each Baccarat card will have a corresponding number of points. So how to calculate points in the rules of Baccarat? In fact, this card game rule has a very simple way of calculating points, each card is presented according to the previous score. To calculate the total score, you need to know the score of each piece.


In Baccarat, the card A will correspond to 1 point, the cards 10, J, Q, K will be equivalent to 10 points. The remaining cards from 2 to 9 will have a score corresponding to the value printed on each card. With such a way of converting points, you just need to add up the total points of the cards at the door you bet.

However, in case this total score is greater than 10, you only take the unit digit. For example, if you have a total of 15 points, the number of points you will receive will be 5. In general, you just need to know the score of each card, it is quite easy to convert the points yourself.

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2.4 Law of withdrawing 3 kilometers

In addition to knowing how to deal, bet or calculate points, you also need to know the rules of drawing cards. In the rules of Baccarat, the rule of drawing number 3 is the basic thing you need to know. The draw of kilometer three depends on the number of points each side has after the 2 dealt cards. Specifically for the Player door, from 0 to 5 points, you are allowed to draw more card number 3. If from 6 to 9 points, you will not be able to draw cards.

For Banker, there are two possible scenarios. In the first case, the Player is drawn 3 and the Banker has 0 to 2, then he will draw 1 more card. If more than 7 points are not allowed to draw kilometer 3. If 8 to 9 points, the Banker is considered to have won and does not need to draw any more cards.

The second case is that the Player is not allowed to draw the third card, at this time the Banker with 0 to 5 points will be drawn. If you have 6 to 9 points, you will not be able to draw 3. It can be seen that the rule of drawing 3 in Baccarat is quite complicated. You must understand its rules to be able to master playing in all bets.

3.Rational Rules in Baccarat

The payout rule is also one of the content many people are interested in when learning about the rules of Baccarat. The payout method in Baccarat is not too complicated. How much you get will depend on which door you bet on. If it is the Player door, you will be rewarded with a ratio of 1 – 1. For example, if you bet 1 million and win, you will receive an additional 1 million.

For the Banker door, placing 1 will receive 0.95, for example, if you place 1 million, you will receive a bonus of 950,000 VND. Finally, the Tie door with a bonus of up to 1 – 8. That means when you bet 1 million on this door and win, you will gain 8 million more. The reason this door has such a high payout is because of the win rate at the casino

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