How to Deal With Termite Swarmers Infestation in the Home

You may have seen a significant number of flying insects in the early spring and summer, or even after a downpour. These insects are mainly termite swarmers, which are winged young adults in the termite reproductive caste.

The presence of these termites indicates an infestation especially when you find shed wings around your property. Thus, it’s important you take precautions to prevent an invasion from these insects.

Why Should You Be Worried About Termite “Swarmers”?

Termite “swarmers” do not cause structural damage in the home as they do not indiscriminately chew at domestic items. Workers are usually the culprits. However, they may be a cause of concern in the following respects.

Dead swarmers and wings create a mess in the home and its surroundings

In a bid to secure colonies, they detach their wings and crawl around. Most of them are unsuccessful in their pursuits and thus die off. The detached wings they leave behind, and the dead bodies cause debris that may make the home look messy and a pain to clean.

The presence of a colony nearby or in the home

The presence of termite swarmers in the home or nearby, often suggests that there is a stable colony (or colonies) around- perhaps 2/3 years old, at least, because swarmers often surface from fresh colonies after this timeframe. You might have to worry about the more troublesome castes and require the services of pest control. For additional information, check pest control near me.

Protective Measures To Take Against Termite Swarmers

The following are steps you could take against the infestation of your home by these critters.

Obstruct their routes into your home

One way to protect your home from these insects is to eliminate every possible route they may try to get into the home, containing them outside. This involves shutting the windows, and doors and sealing external openings.

This will save you the stress of dealing with messy floors littered with wings and dead insects.

Seek professional help

Professional help is certain to yield promising results when these critters start to prove troublesome, particularly inside. Much more than elimination, professionals may help to properly identify these insects to make sure you are not mistaking them for something else, and take measures in that respect. Find out more info here.

Look out for the colony/colonies

In a bid to nip the problem in the bud, regularly inspecting the environment for signs of a colony might prove important. This is because the elimination of a colony eliminates the chances of spawning termite swarmers, as well as the other troublesome castes such as workers.

Monitor and maintain the quality and state of wood in your home and its surroundings

The state of wood in the home and its surroundings is a good tell sign of termite activity. Therefore, proper monitoring of wood lying around the house, or in the room could help prevent or control termite infestation. It goes a long way in preventing full-blown situations as well.


Termite swarmers may not seem like much on their own, since they do not deal a lot of damage on their own, save for messy floors and windows. However, they are a harbinger of something more unpleasant. Therefore, it is in your best interests to go all out. This will be sure to grant you the bug-free tranquility you deserve in your home.

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