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Sometimes Science Screams and Step Back to Answer Few Natural Phenomena

Our world is developing, and all credit goes to science and technology. We all are swooping in the ocean of modern technology and scientific logic along with scientific discoveries. And as a matter of technology and science, both use each other for a variety of reasons. Such technology uses science to sort out different problems. And science utilizes technology to discover new things.

Natural Phenomena That Science Couldn’t Explain.

Although most people believe that science can demonstrate every action or incident, some incidents are out of the justification of scientific logic. For example, there is some natural phenomenon that science failed to explain. The phenomenon is a process that people are aware of because of the senses rather than intuition or reasoning. And natural means something isn’t human-made or artificial. There is some chemical phenomenon present in the world as well. So let’s get familiar with some natural wonders where scientific logic doesn’t fit in.

  1. Why do people yawn?

People yawn many times a day. The common reasoning behind yawning is tiredness. However, this reasoning isn’t entirely valid. Even great scientists are still confused about this. Some scientists think that yawning is a thermoregulatory behavior that helps to cool down the brain. But this theory isn’t proven. One recent study found that psychopaths aren’t an easy target for contagious yawning. However, this theory is also not confirmed.

  1. Why are there some curved trees in Russia?

In Russia, there is a forest known as Dancing Forest. In the forest, some trees have curved shapes in nature. And there is no apparent logic about the curved shape of the trees. Even some trees have spirals or rings body. Some scientists say that some trees have different forms due to strong winds, interference from caterpillars, or unstable soil.

  1. Why Saturn’s North Pole has a hexagon-shaped swirling storm?

We all are aware of the planet Saturn tunai4d. But on the North Pole side of the planet, there is a weather system about the size of two piles of earth. It has a shape of a hexagon. On the earth, only crystals have a natural hexagon shape. However, scientists don’t have a clear logic about how Saturn’s storm came to look like this. Even as time goes by, the color of the battery seems to change. And, this makes the scientists more confused.

  1. Why do cats purr?

People love cats. And people find cats cuter when they purr. Although scientists have given clear evidence of how cats purr, it is still unclear why cats purr. One hypothesis says that purring enhances bone growth because the vibration frequency makes bones harden more due to the pressure. It is like a growth mechanism.

  1. Why is there an oddly looking crater in Siberia?

In Siberia, there is a giant crater called Patom. It has been there for the last 500years. Some hypotheses say that atoms formed during nuclear explosions. Others say it is due to spaceships. Till now, there are no precise shreds of evidence or logic behind the crater.

After all the discussion, science can explain many other natural phenomena such as thunder, tornadoes, earthquake, tidal flow, a moonbow, volcanic erosions, etc.

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