The ways an organization benefits from DevSecOps

DevSecOps is an epitome of development security and operations. Taking into consideration the fact that security breaches and vulnerabilities have become a common occurrence in these times it would make less sense for the developers to ignore coding. A point to consider is that the developers are not the most security conscious people as it would not be their main duty. Their main job is to develop an app, perform the intended tasks properly and accomplish a superior customer experience and UI. A diligent approach would be basic  security checks which is part of the coding procedure. Most of us fail to figure out what are the benefits of DevSecOps and let us explore them in details

The vulnerabilities and bugs are discovered early on

A developer will be exercising due diligence with regards to maintaining basic level of security. But nobody would be aware in the gamut of an ecosystem as how many security packages would be incorporating a security vulnerability. The role of the versions is also important. Taking into consideration an enormous volume it is possible to be aware of it without having a  security automation in place.

Security when it comes to the traditional way

Before the emergence of DevSecOps an organization would be executing product checks that would be in the final stages of SDLC. Since the focus was on application development, what it meant was that security did deserve the least importance among the various stages. By the point of time an engineer undertook security checks, most other stages would have been fully developed.

So when you are rediscovering a security threat at a later stage, it would reworking countless lines of code  making it a labour prone and time consuming task. In such cases an obvious choice seems to be patching. Hence security turns out to be a gut feeling where nothing may go wrong. Hence it would be investing the time and resources needed to enhance the pipeline

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The myths

Super developers are the need of the hour

If you are looking to retain people with magical coding skills, for DevSecOps then you are mistaken. Till the point you train your existing staff properly or a developer is keen to make a shift into this domain there is no need to opt for a hiring cap now. A DevSecOps is known to break down silicos. The development team that compromises people of various domain is going to receive training in this domain and their implementation throughout the delivery pipeline would be immense. So  you might be developing an existing team and it is not that you may be bringing in a new team altogether.

You may be buying Dev Sec ops

Numerous tools can be used for this purpose, in the form of release management and CI or CD tools. It is possible to purchase the entire process as it may be a methodology or a philosophy in details. What would be really making the difference between teams as the focus would be on ownership and team responsibility. It may be in the form of things which you go and purchase



The best practices

The below mentioned points should constitute an important part of developing DevSecOps.

Secure coding is to be practiced

An important feature of securing code is developing software which has a superior resistance to vulnerabilities. If you do not practice secure coding it may open up avenues of a series of software risks like breach of the confidential information of an organization. Hence it is really important that the developers are skilled enough to do this as it may translate into time or cost investment. Establishing and adhering to code standards also come in handy as it helps the developers with a clean code.

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Embraces automation

Automation is a vital feature in DevSecOps. This is going to be the case for a large organization where a developer goes on to push for numerous versions of a code multiple times in a day.

It would be vital when automated security testing. The choice of the wrong automated tools would be detrimental. SAT would be widely preferred to check and deal with any potential problems as part of the development cycle. The choice of the right automation tool is crucial and would be crucial for the success of a company.

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Any process may contain a series of components. Documentation along with workflow standardization are a few of them. Numerous teams with an organization carries on a unique process of their own. But Appsealing relating to DevSecOps would be framing an existing set of processes as it would go on to develop the security component in the development process.


Technology is known to equip people on how to develop the DevSec process. Some of the popular form of technologies that are used are configuration and automation management.


The task of building means and DevSecOps would be doing the trick. When you are using such a module it formulates a script module as the source code would be combined on a machine code. If you are building an automation tool it is bound to provide a series of features. It is known to enhance a considerable size of plug ins this is known to possess multiple  available UI. Some is known to detect various types of vulnerable libraries as you may replace them with the new ones.

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As part of the next step there is a  feature of testing where you would be relying on a robust automated framing module suggesting practices on to the pipeline.

The deployment is possible with the aid of an IAC tool, as not only it would accelerate the pace but contributes to software delivery in a better way. Operation is another vital step and would be  a regular feature of the operation limits. Any form of zero day exploit may turn out be harmful as operation teams needs to keep an eye on them. This would prevent any form of manual errors to creep in.

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