What is a site SEO audit and how is it useful for business?

The key to effective SEO promotion is a thorough audit. Without data and analysis, it is difficult to see the real state of the site and the prospects of getting to the top of the search results. An SEO audit helps identify problems and growth areas of the resource, as well as compare it with competitors. If the site is not prepared from the technical side, any subsequent actions aimed at attracting organic traffic may be fruitless. However, despite the obvious advantages, many companies skip this important stage. In this article, we will define what a site SEO audit is, in which cases it is necessary, what the analysis includes, and what are the benefits and advantages of an SEO audit for business.

What is a site SEO audit?

A search or SEO audit — is a check of the internal and external optimization of the Internet resource for its compliance with search engine criteria, necessary for the optimal ranking of the site.

The goal of the audit is to identify as many fundamental issues as possible that affect organic search performance.

An SEO audit shows:

  • Technical problems
  • Problems with the site structure
  • SEO problems on the page
  • External problems are possible
  • User interface issues
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Market and competitor analysis results

An audit is a standard procedure that should be carried out regularly. It’s a health check of your site.

What is the benefit of an SEO audit for business?

The audit allows you to look at your resource through the eyes of search robots. To get enough organic traffic to meet your business goals, your site must be properly optimized for search engines. An SEO audit identifies all existing problems that cause your site to lose traffic. And for a business, a loss of traffic is a loss of potential customers. The audit will give an understanding of what keywords users are looking for, help to adjust the site structure, optimize product or service categories by current demand, and fill the resource with relevant content. SEO audit also includes competitor analysis. This will give you an idea of ​​their SEO tactics and the most common content that you could consider when developing promotion strategies to improve SEO results. News of kannada

Advantages of SEO audit

Regular analysis of the content of the site will help attract the necessary amount of organic traffic, which will open up more opportunities to achieve the company’s marketing goals. Reasons to pay in an SEO are:

Improving site performance

The loading speed of the site isareot only one of the ranking factors, but also an important component that affects the behavioral factors of your audience. No matter how high-quality and interesting your content is, if the page takes a long time to load, users lose the desire to get to know it. So, you lose most of your potential customers. An SEO analysis will help identify performance issues, which will further help reduce bounce rates.

Increasing site user satisfaction

Implementation of SEO recommendations will make the site more convenient for potential customers. If your resource often displays information about mistakes or content and graphics take a long time to load, potential customers will quickly become frustrated. A well-functioning website will make users spend more time browsing it. Google analyzes the time of the user’s session and his behavior on the site. This indicates the value and attractiveness of the content, which affects the position of the site in the search results.

Improving the position of the site in a browser

Thanks to the SEO audit, you will receive both information about problems on the site and suggestions for their elimination. However, it is important to consider that it will take time and investment to achieve the desired result. These factors are influenced by the level of competition in the niche.

Increasing the amount of traffic on the site

After the correct implementation of all recommendations, an increase in page traffic is usually monitored. This is mostly due to better search engine visibility of your site. Often increased traffic leads to more conversions, which has a positive impact on sales revenue.

Content optimization

Each niche has its own specifics. Collection of semantics will help identify related key phrases. The more uniquely is the better. Identifying the main keywords for a business is an important part of an SEO audit. The correct structure of the text affects both the ranking of Googlebots.

In which cases the resource audit is necessary

Do not postpone the audit for later, as the site is constantly expanding. The larger the resource, the more time will be required for SEO audit and optimization. Also, the longer you work without professional support, the longer you keep making the same mistakes.

It is necessary to conduct an SEO audit:

  • At the site development stage
  • When you plan to launch the updated version of the site
  • If you change service or switch to another domain (site move)
  • If you are experiencing problems with low site traffic or poor visibility
  • When implementing marketing changes
  • If you change SEO agency
  • When you want to check the work of current SEO partners

SEO audits must be conducted regularly (quarterly or annually). Depending on factors such as traffic growth, competition development, change in algorithms of search engines, changes in Google rules, etc. It is important to remember that conducting an SEO analysis is only the first step toward eliminating errors. Next, it is important to implement all the recommendations of specialists. That is why the WebPerfex audit includes checking the correctness of the implementation of the provided recommendations.


For effective SEO promotion, it is necessary to regularly audit the site. The analysis will help to identify all problems with the resource that prevent the growth of organic traffic, and will give insight into how to eliminate errors. An SEO audit determines the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. The most effective promotion strategy is built on the basis of the analysis data. A qualitatively optimized resource helps to increase the amount of traffic, which in the future leads to conversions. It is important to remember the regularity of the audit, as external factors are constantly changing. For example, Google’s updates or the active actions of competitors can affect the future strategy. If you are at the site development stage, have noticed a decrease in traffic or are planning to make changes to the site, we recommend conducting an SEO audit.

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