Stop Stinking! Body Smell Works like Notes to Make you Remarkable.

Body odor can be extremely annoying or make you less confident about yourself, or can quickly ruin a good day. It is essential to pay attention to this issue since it impacts not only our lives in a negative way but also our surroundings.



The first thing which has to be mentioned is maintaining hygiene. Taking daily showers, using the appropriate soap and body wash best suited for you, and making sure to wear freshly washed clothes every day are all a must. Often, we need to bathe multiple times; for example, we must shower after working out or come home after a long day during hot summers. There can be no compromise with personal hygiene and bathing regularly.


Utilizing the Lemon to Specific Areas

Using lemon on armpits can be a significant way of preventing body odor as lemon is an antiseptic. It can decrease the pH of your skin which kills the odor-producing bacteria. The strong citric smell of lime may help hide the smell of sweat, but eventually, it might wear off—however, the stench of sweat to some extent. Lemon juice has antioxidant and antibacterial properties too. However, lime juice makes your skin photosensitive and can irritate the skin. Minor stinging should not cause worrying, but discontinuing the remedy is highly recommended if you feel any prolonged discomfort or develop the rash.


Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Taking care of your diet is also essential to prevent body odor. Some common examples being red meat, alcohol, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, etc. and later fuses with bacteria on your skin during perspiration to strengthen your odor. They are abundant in sulfur-containing substances for cruciferous vegetables, which break down into hydrogen sulfide, producing a rotten egg kind of smell.


Choose the Right Fabric

Paying attention to the fabric you wear is also essential. Wearing a synthetic material like polyester would hurt your chances to smell good. Natural materials like cotton, wool, or linen, on the other hand, would be better alternatives since these fibers can absorb moisture, and they don’t confine the stinking bacteria in the fabrics as synthetics do. As natural fibers are much more passable, sweat and bacteria can evaporate quicker from the fibers.


Odor From Feet

Having shoes on for long hours can make some of our feet have the most stinking smell, and it is not an enjoyable experience for anybody. It is highly recommended for you to change your socks daily to overcome this issue. If you sweat a lot, make sure you change your socks multiple times throughout the day.  Wash your feet with just as much care as you wash other parts of your body while bathing. We often do not bother using soap properly on our feet, and the horrible stench is the price we pay!

We need to acknowledge that we are built differently, and a lot of methods and hacks are there to prevent body odors, while some hacks might not work for everyone.



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