Award Winning Top Best Gyms of 2021 Around the Globe

Nowadays people are more concerned about their body and becoming fitness enthusiasts. So, jumping on fitness has become a lifestyle!

The instructions of gymnastics help to develop an improved coordination system. Gym elevates determination, raises work ethics and helps to build self-confidence by acknowledging skills. It is essential to choose the right gym center which will take your gym experience to a whole new extraordinary level. We have sweated through the top 10 gyms around the world for you all as we prefer you preserve your energy and potential for the gym.

  1. Equinox Group (Usa, Canada and uk)

Equinox is one of the most iconic gyms in the world. Equinox, being an elite and luxurious brand, monthly membership may not be that cheap. However, the service of equinox has been quite praiseworthy and they come along with professional trainers; offering standard activities including indoor cycling, yoga, barre etc.

  1. Gold’s Gym (Dallas, USA)

Gold’s gym, founded by Joe gold, is a remarkable fitness company. This American based gym centre offers their members with a groundbreaking training system with extensive collection of equipment tools and skillful trainers. Gold’s gym assures to be the largest unisex gym, expanded to more than 700 locations, owning a membership of almost 3.5 million with equal amount of male and female members.

  1. Virgin active (Tanjong Pagar, Singapore)

Virgin Active is one of the well-known fitness companies located in Singapore. This fitness company has several other branches in England, Australia, Thailand and many more. They are famous for providing more than 200 group classes per week! Virgin active has amazing amenities with all the professional trainers to help you reach your dream goal.

  1. Blink fitness (NY, USA)

Blink fitness is a popular name for gym freaks. You can get all the typical amenities with high quality gym equipment and skilled personal trainers. They boast of having three floors presenting all the fancy pumping iron, free weights, huge numbers of cardio equipment, strength machines etc. the monthly membership will cost you only $15!

  1. La Belle Équipe (Paris)

La Belle Èquipe, is one of the excellent gyms located in Gare du Nord station of Paris. In addition with the typical gym facilities, La Belle Equipe fitness company also strives to offer people with the best quality of personal trainers along with special training to members who are combating stress, anger and depression. This fitness company trains amazingly on Thai kickboxing too.

  1. Embody Fitness (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Embody fitness is a luxurious fitness company offering every member a convenient, friendly and relaxing environment with other therapeutic messages and many more. The company has a good selection of free weights and glittering machines and precise wide ranges of strength equipment.

  1. Aqua Expeditions, Peru

Tired of overcrowded urban gyms? The Aqua Expeditions fitness company promises you to make your workout journey beyond the best. Nothing can beat the experience of breaking your sweat on Aria Amazon River Cruiser and enjoying breathtaking views with amazing training facilities.

  1. Titan Fitness (Sydney, Australia)

Whenever you travel to Australia, never miss a chance to join Titan Fitness for their amazing high trained classes and incredible facilities with their premium quality training equipment. A variety of classes are available including Western Boxing, Muay Thai which will mesmerize you with the whole experience.

  1. Big Tex Gym (Austin, Texas)

The Big Tex Gym is the most renowned fitness company owning a special room for powerlifters to create an interesting environment for their members to get focused mentally. The gym preserves an area for members with privacy and they offer freedom to its supreme level!

  1. Illoiha Omotesando, Tokyo

This unique gym centre was built on the concept from Alice in wonderland! The gym has fancy equipment and trainers and has been designed with stunning views with mirror walls, frames, absurd finger grips etc.

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