What to Look for In a New Programming Capable Desktop

If you were to ask a programmer what their most important tool is for their job, the vast majority would answer that it’s their desktop. Without their desktop computer, they are unable to perform their job, so not only do they need one but it needs to be capable of handling the many tasks that are thrown at it. Programmers can’t just pick up a budget-friendly entry-model desktop and expect it to be enough, but what is enough?

Let’s examine what to look for in a programming-capable desktop, perfect for professionals who are in the market for a new desktop or who are ready to upgrade.

Skip the Laptop and Opt for a Desktop

The first thought that may come to mind is that maybe you should be looking at laptops and transition away from a desktop. While a laptop provides all kinds of conveniences and is the right choice for many people when you’re focused on computer coding a desktop is always going to be the better option. They are more powerful, they can be upgraded at a later date, they are often cheaper yet you get more features added and they tend to last longer.

Laptops have their place and have their advantages, but if you’re a programmer they won’t be the best option. If you’ve been getting by with a laptop up to this point, you’ll find a desktop to be a massive upgrade in terms of performance.

You’ll Need a Powerful CPU

As you shop for programming desktops, you’ll see a wide array of models, specifications, and price points, which can make it overwhelming. Experts suggest you start with the CPU, which will narrow the options drastically. Remember, you need something powerful likely the 8th generation or higher. The reason this is necessary is that you’ll be rendering images and graphics on your desktop, which takes a whole lot of processing power.

The Screen Resolution Plays a Role

And speaking of rendering images and graphics, you need to be able to see even the smallest details, which means excellent resolution is required. Nowadays it’s best to purchase a monitor with Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. When you purchase a desktop computer you have the luxury of buying the tower and the monitor separate, so this is your opportunity to make the upgrade. Some programmers also like dual monitors, which can be something you add later on if necessary.

Think About the Size of the Project When Determining RAM

When picking the RAM size, it’s important to consider the projects you’ll be working on. They can be quite big and that’s going to require a fair amount of memory. Yes, you can always install more later on, but you want to be sure your new desktop is ready to go and ticks off all the boxes when you bring it home. While most people may be fine with 8GB of RAM, that won’t cut it for programmers. It’s best to aim for at least 32GB.

It Pays to Be Picky

It can seem like a lot to be aware of and look for in a new desktop, but remember, as a programmer this is your main tool – it’s what allows you to do your job. It’s worth investing in a high-quality desktop.

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